May 28th, 2014

John Legere

Mark you calendars, boys and girls. T-Mobile is looking to shake up the wireless industry yet again. The 4th largest wireless provider in the US has begun sending out press invites for their June 18th, Uncarrier 5.0 event titled, “We don’t play it safe and sound.” Not sure what that means, but as always, expect big things to come out of the event.

During recent months, we’ve watched as T-Mobile essentially abolished wireless contracts, introduced early upgrade programs, and began paying off rival carriers’ early termination fees. All bold moves indeed, and ones that have T-Mobile creeping up behind Sprint for that #3 spot.

T-Mobile Uncarrier 5.0 invite

But not all changes have been well-received. More recently we watched as T-Mobile killed off their corporate discounts and made a few modifications to their JUMP plan (it’s now every 6 months, and half the current phone needs to be paid off before JUMPing to a new device).

No matter what, we’re excited to see what comes of the event and you should too. T-Mobile’s Uncarrier initiative always makes waves throughout the wireless industry, with their rivals often times adopting similar strategies through temporary promotions and whatnot.


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