T-Mobile Uncarrier 5.0 event scheduled for June 18th


John Legere

Mark you calendars, boys and girls. T-Mobile is looking to shake up the wireless industry yet again. The 4th largest wireless provider in the US has begun sending out press invites for their June 18th, Uncarrier 5.0 event titled, “We don’t play it safe and sound.” Not sure what that means, but as always, expect big things to come out of the event.

During recent months, we’ve watched as T-Mobile essentially abolished wireless contracts, introduced early upgrade programs, and began paying off rival carriers’ early termination fees. All bold moves indeed, and ones that have T-Mobile creeping up behind Sprint for that #3 spot.

T-Mobile Uncarrier 5.0 invite

But not all changes have been well-received. More recently we watched as T-Mobile killed off their corporate discounts and made a few modifications to their JUMP plan (it’s now every 6 months, and half the current phone needs to be paid off before JUMPing to a new device).

No matter what, we’re excited to see what comes of the event and you should too. T-Mobile’s Uncarrier initiative always makes waves throughout the wireless industry, with their rivals often times adopting similar strategies through temporary promotions and whatnot.


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  1. Couldn’t be happier with T-Mobile! Switched from Verizon and haven’t looked back except to point and laugh. Everywhere I’ve gone so far, including the vast majority of places I most frequent, have had fast and strong service. Definitely can’t say that for the rest of the “Big 4.”

    1. So true, I recently traded off smartphones/service with my gf. I was on T-Mobile, she was on Verizon.

      I thought I was getting a better deal with it being “Verizon” and all, but was surprised to find slower speeds than T-Mobile, and 3G in places where she now has 4G LTE.

      I have no problem recommending T-Mobile to everyone I know now. There are no shortcomings in service/coverage in my area.

      1. So are you going to Jump back? I also love the free international data that I do not believe any other carrier has (yet).

      2. Plus they have truly unlimited LTE. I torrent away.

        1. Why torrent on your phone or tablet? Laptops/PC’s and TV’s have bigger screens and you can torrent stuff on your laptop/PC.

          1. Probably because they don’t have internet and use their phone for it. While they could tether, I don’t think T-Mobile has an unlimited tethering option. I could be wrong though.

          2. I don’t think it’s unlimited tethering but depending on your plan it can be up to 5gb which is way more than enough for most people, plus it is LTE. I love it.

      3. I would love Tmobile but they suck in Kentucky, but every wireless carrier sucks in Kentucky but ATT

      4. WAit… you have a girlfriend? NOOOOOOO!

    2. AT&T seems to always have great speeds no matter where I am, unless I’m underground of course.

      1. I was underground before it was cool.

        1. When everything was just magma? :O

  2. What is that device he’s holding? Just the receiver for his wireless mic?

      1. LOL sign me up.

        1. No, but really. It’s a controller for the teleprompter thingy they use while on stage. :P

      2. Yes, Google is going nostalgic by bringing back the 2 inch screen and the visible antenna.

        1. Pleasant mobile device nostalgia only applies to your first cell phone and Nokia phones, haha.

      3. It’s actually the newly promised Silver device. LOL

      4. Trolololol.

      5. What a disappointment. Those bezels …. :(

  3. Before the uncarrier phase even started, T-Mobile already had BYOD plans. I was trying to convince my wife, an iPhone user, to switch over with me. But at the time, T-Mobile wasn’t officially compatible with Apple’s VVM and MMS. Literally the day after that changed, we signed up. Over the next 7 or 8 months we upgraded to fully compatible T-Mobile devices with LTE and have had few complaints. We have a smaller bill, unlimited talk and data on both lines, and reception everywhere that we go.

    AT&T has been more competitive in pricing lately with their BYOD plans. But they don’t have a true unlimited offering anymore. Until either they offer it, T-Mobile removes it, or some other serious incentive arises, we’re sticking with T-Mobile.

    1. I think they should start a BYOB program – bring your own beer/bat’leth.

    2. AT&T is getting more competitive, but they don’t offer a counterpart to T-mobile’s most endearing plan, the $30 prepaid unlimited data plan. Until they do, I will stay with tmobile.

      1. Straight talk $45 unlimited calling and text 3gb full speed any your choice of at&t or t-mobile network. Most of t-mobiles phones are fully compatible with at&it’s network I’m using their lte on my T-Mobile s4

  4. Breaking News CEO of Tmobile teamed up with Oprah and will be giving everyone a brand new……CAR!!!……haha

    1. Oprah takes advantage of shortsighted people who want “advice” from her and she bribes people.

  5. Putting my guess no longer locking bootloader and doing the warranty thing Motorola does

  6. I don’t think it will be but I hope it’s the ability to do WiFi calling on stock android or with an app. It’s the only thing I wish my Nexus 5 could do right right now.

  7. Maybe they will offer honest monthly bills with no random unexplainable charges? I doubt it though

  8. uncarrier 5.0 = we’re gonna role over and die and allow sprint(softbank) to swallow us whole.

  9. Roaming of VoLTE with Verizon to enjoy HD voice……………………………… telecomvibe(dot)com

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