Apple makes it official, will buy Beats for $3 billion


Apple Beats Acquisition

After murmurings earlier this month that Apple was looking to drop a few billions on acquiring Beats, Tim Cook n’ friends are finally making things official. Figures are a little smaller than first rumored with Apple reaching into their pocketbook and pulling out $3 billion ($2.6 billion at first, then $400 million over time) for the honor of having full access to the Beats empire.

There was still no mention of exactly what Apple intends on doing with Beats, only their excitement on finally gaining some street cred. The deal isn’t expected to fully close until Q4 of this year and if you feel so inclined, you can check out the full press release via the link below.

[Apple Press Info]

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  1. so, beats is uncool when connected with htc. but apple can do no wrong, so…

    1. No, you have that a bit mixed. Apple can do wrong; they’re just great at convincing you that it is somehow your fault.

      1. Consumer-“The sound sucks in my headphones”
        Apple-“you’re listening wrong”

  2. I really hope they don’t make an iPhone with front facing beats speakers.. IPhones have big enough bezels as it is :'(

    1. Probably not a good place to sound sad about how an Iphone looks

  3. lol, more bullshit iphone owners can brag about
    really, who cares…

    1. Didn’t HTC own them?

      1. I think HTC basically paid a licensing fee for the name for marketing purposes and for them to throw in an even poorer than usual quality set of headphones with certain smartphone purchases, as well as some equalizer setting advice.

        1. Nah they had shares in the company.

      2. HTC took a 50,1 share in Beats in 2011, sold them back 25% within a year, the rest in 2013
        and yes, some handsets had Beats tech and headphones, like my Butterfly S, never used the headphones or the beats profile (i think that’s all it really was)

    2. I don’t know if “brag” is a good word to describe getting ripped off.

      1. I was being ironic :)

    3. Apple clearly going HTC route. Let’s see them in a couple of years ;)

  4. Ha, they bought a crap audio company for …..why? Oh yeah, they sell overpriced hardware…….I bet Steve is rolling in his grave right now.

    1. Rolling over in his have with glee since they’ll sell even more overpriced products to iSheep more like it.

      1. *grave*

  5. who cares.

  6. They are made for each other. Both have overpriced, overhyped products.

  7. I think you guys are too focused on the head phones. I personally have no interest in buying any. However I’ve been trying out the beats music subscription this past week and it’s pretty cool. Do I think 3 billion was a little much? Possibly, however one of apples strengths is marketing and you can bet your buns they are gonna make that money back over the next few years. Plus I read this morning they are going to leave it on android / windows phone as well. If it wasn’t for that I would question why Chris even chose to post this here besides throwing red meat to the salivating apple haters here to stir up trolling and controversy.

    We’re just gonna have to wait and see what they plan on doing with it.

    1. You’re right. Apple has failed at music streaming, so they bought a “hip” streaming service. This has nothing to do with headphones, no matter how fun it is to draw the obvious similarities between Beats headphones and iPhones.

  8. I know the reason why Apple bought beats. So they can replace Siri with Dre. Right anyone? Dre: What are my appointments for today? “Look at your own damn appointments!”

  9. Let’s never forget about how Dre and his crew f’d Monster over:

  10. Why does the guys face in the picture above look like he’s pissed?

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