Sprint HTC One M7 gets Sense 6 update today


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The Sprint HTC One M7 is receiving a great upgrade today. It’s the Sense 6 update that everyone has been waiting for. Sense 6 brings Android 4.4.2 KitKat and some nice enhancements to the overall user experience. Namely, you’ll be treated to new design tweaks, an improved BlinkFeed experience, an improved gallery and an improved HTC TV app.

There’s no word on how big this upgrade is just yet, but it’s safe to hop onto a WiFi network and charge your battery to a reasonable level. You’ll be looking for version 5.03.651.3. You can head to the settings menu and check for it yourself, though note that this might be a staggered update and there’s a chance you won’t be able to pull it down right away. Let us know how it is once you’ve gotten it!

[via Sprint]

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  1. I’m on a Verizon M7 and I just noticed that I’m getting an OTA update, 642MB in size. I wonder if this means Verizon users are getting the update today as well.

    1. Holy crap. I’m on Big Red with the M7 as well and after reading this I just manually checked for an update and am now downloading it as well.

  2. Got it.

    1. Sprint users will probably get it between now and the 31st,

      EDIT: Got the update.

  3. Downloading on Sprint

    1. Think was 694 mb. I took a screenshot but too lazy to check. It’s on my son’s phone.

  4. Cant do 360 on Portrait mode after the update.

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