Moto X+1 spotted in the wilds of a Chicago subway?


motoxplus1 peek

It’s been a busy last couple of months. The big Android players have all revealed their shiny new wares for 2014, the latest of which was yesterday’s newly announced LG G3. All these phones are looking great, and we’re sure they’re bringing in big numbers. But one OEM that’s been doing a good job of keeping their cards close to the chest is Motorola with the sequel to last year’s Motorola Moto X.

Despite numerous smaller leaks, we still haven’t gotten an actual look at the Moto X+1, but that changes today. Well, somewhat. Spotted in Chicago — Motorola’s new base of operations — one eagle-eyed Android fan snapped a photo of what could be a Moto X+1 in the hands of an employee while traveling via subway.

The picture quality is fairly blurry and the phone is donning one of those prototype cases to keep it hidden, so there’s not much to go on. But it’s enough that @evleaks felt confident enough to attach his name to the “leak.”

What do you guys think? Could we really be looking at the upcoming Moto X+1?


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. This picture is utterly pointless. It tells us nothing and smells of a deliberate attempt by Moto to try and get some press after the G3 launch.

    1. whats wrong with trying to steal a little thunder

    2. It does tell us one thing (and it’s a biggie) — the phone will have a much larger display than last year’s model. This could be a huge development for fans of the original who actually liked the smaller display (myself included).

      1. MotoX+1 in 5″ would be amazeballs.

        1. That would be pushing the limits, but as long as the overall phone is kept small (by shrinking the bezels), I’d be down.

          I think Moto X found a nice niche market of smartphone buyers looking for a smaller phone with decent specs. Wondering if Motorola wont end up shooting themselves in the foot by going bigger.

          1. If the price is right, some may ignore the size… As long as it’s smaller than the note 3 and 1+1 ^_^

          2. The guy could have big hands. Bored with the deliberate ‘leaking’. If that’s the only way you can create buzz around your product, you need a better product.

  2. First!! I hope so, I am patiently waiting on this and the 1+1.

    1. X+1=1+1 solve for x. Damn this phone names are getting from ridiculous lol

      1. x+1* G(S5)÷ 1(M8)= 1+1*L(G3)÷Z2 > 5s


        1. Awesome.

        2. Lmao forget my simple equation, complex math is where it’s at!

      2. Got it!!

        X= Half-Life 3 (Confirmed)

    2. Me too, 350 for 64GB onboard storage and amazing specs yezzir!

  3. Could just be a new Droid, not necessarily the X+1. Still, I’m interested to see what Motonova (man that’s a badass sounding nickname, lol) brings to the table with the X+1. They seem to be a bit more innovative when it comes to doing much more with less, which I feel the industry needs (I’m still getting the G3, cuz DAT SCREEN and DEM BEZELS).

  4. And this picture was taken with a Moto X.. Right?

    1. NAILED IT!!!

  5. Personnaly I hope it fits well in the hand….maybe for listing will give us more of a clue

  6. The only thing I can tell about this picture is that the top of the screen looks a little bit closer to the ear speaker hole, which hints at a slightly larger screen. I just hope it’s not so much that they had to physically increase the size of the phone to fit it.

    1. I’m holding a Moto X in my hand right now (just like the guy in the picture), and that phone looks noticeably bigger. Also, I agree with you about them keeping the overall size down. It’s a reason I might have to pass on the LG G3.

      1. I say they keep the same 4.7 inch screen….and beef the hell out of it….

        1. Ditto. Don’t have to change a damn thing about the phone’s looks. Should help them save money. Just update the processor, RAM, camera and I’m set.

          1. I guarentee it’s bigger everything is getting bigger. Prolly around 5.2 or 5.1 with the onscreen buttons. I like the size of the m7 but it also doesn’t have on-screen buttons like LG anything smaller than 5″ should never have on screen buttons too small and 5.5″ is the sweet spot

          2. No….

          3. No what?

          4. 5.5 isn’t the sweet spot… There is no “sweet spot” when it comes to size.it vary depending on the person. I have medium sized hands in my opinion but they have fat clumsy fingers making The note 2 was a travesty to use, even the Moto X gave me some trouble reaching all around it with my thumb. 5.5 forget about it for me…

            Sweet spot is a term used by Steve Jobs that translated into..we know what is best suited for all of you sheep, now it used by everyone to mean this is the best size…like that iPhone guy.

          5. I have roughly a 10inch finger span, and have sausage links for fingers( size 16 wedding band) and my note was easily operated one handed the mega was a minor struggle, but I find myself using 2 hands on smaller devices such as my m7 at the moment. I doubt this phone will be 5.0 or smaller

        2. Couldn’t agree more, the 4.7″ non-pentile OLED screen is one of the phones main selling points too me. No interesting in going bigger.

      2. maybe that guy is really small?

        1. Entirely possible ^_^

  7. Motorola is based out of the Chicago subways?

  8. Slow day on the news front there Chris?

  9. this is prob the worst leaked image ever but hey it succeeded in getting people to talk about the X+1

  10. This is neither here nor there and really contributes nothing of substance, but fwiw, that’s not a subway (or the L as we call it) but most likely a Metra commuter train (pic shot from the upper deck down to the seats below). My guess anyway. Have fun!

  11. That phone has almost no bezel. Look at the on screen buttons and the notification bar. It’s almost entirely all screen other than the case. Good job Motorola!

  12. I’m still hoping the X+1 is a second model, if it is indeed bigger. I like the original’s size and screen just fine. For me, just a few spec bumps like, improved camera and bigger battery will do.

  13. Subway? Lol, I know you meant the “el”. (Sorry, a local’s pet peeve caused by tourists.) :)

    1. From this angle, could it be taken from somebody on the top floor of a metra train?

      1. That’s definitely a metra train. No subway here. However, I take the metra to work each day…so I’ll keep an eye out for this unlikely spotting!

    2. The blue and red lines turn into subways downtown. Definitely not elevated.

      The seat looks like a Metra seat, I agree. Either that or it’s a shot through a railing near stairs down to a bench below.

  14. I’m really hoping for the same screen with a new processor, bigger battery, and better camera.

  15. Better screen and camera is what MOTO X1 needs. After my Z1 will get a MOTO X1 or a G3 unless SAMSUNG comes out with a YOUM DISPLAY PHONE

  16. In hindsight, the Moto X was nearly the perfect phone. However, the stars didn’t align for me to buy one, so I won’t be purchasing another phone until 2015. If Moto keeps the same design philosophy that they had with the X, it will be my next phone. If they insist on simply making another over sized phone, I’ll give it the same consideration as any other phone.
    With that said, the reasons I didn’t buy the X in the first place:

    -It was a direct competitor to the HTC One M7 and Galaxy S4, but released 4 months later amid the fall devices (LG G2, Note 3, etc.). It should have been released in April.

    -I’m not paying $650 or contract subsidy for a phone with a non-removable battery. Current price point is fine.

    -I need storage. My next phone will have a minimum 64GB internal, or 32GB internal + MicroSD. That combination wasn’t available.

    If the 2015 Moto X successor has 64GB internal, is sub-$500 with that storage configuration, and maintains Moto’s current design philosophy, I’m in. Otherwise, I’ll go with an unlocked Android Silver device that most closely matches what I want in a phone, like I did last time with my Google Play Edition.

  17. imagine moto did the unthinkably awesome and made a motomaker feature screen size? like moto x+1: 4.7″ or 5″
    i honestly love my moto x…its absolutly the perfect size which is why ima roll with it until something comparable comes out…they could even make it smaller with the same size screen(hd this time) with a bigger battery and sure bump the specs even though dont see much a reason to as onnce i enabled ART my phone has been super smooth and never hiccups…but yeah perfect phone…oh and up the camera specs…oh and MAKE IT ROOTABLE ON VZW

  18. Please Moto. Don’t increase the phone size. 4.7″ was just perfect!

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