Here is a full 360-degree view of the new HTC One M8 Prime


HTC One M8 Prime 360 degree view evleaks

After giving us a sneak peek at the alleged “HTC One M8 Prime” earlier today, @evleaks is now going all out, opening up that cropped image to a full sized, 360-degree view of the HTC One M8 Prime. Let’s take a minute to marvel at the thing…

Okay, after giving it the once over, the first thing you’ll notice is the sheer of the thing, lining up nicely with rumors that it will carry a 5.5-inch 2K display. Of course, the protruding camera with the orange rings is likely to be the first thing to grab your eye, but look carefully at the front and you’ll notice the inclusion of 2 black bezels — one along the bottom for the logo, and another on top which appears to house the ambient light sensor.

We’d be lying if we said it didn’t look gorgeous, HTC has a fabulous track record of building beautiful and modern looking handsets. In many ways, we find the stylings reminiscent of the HTC EVO 4G LTE but don’t get it confused. This is most certainly a phablet looking to go head to head with this year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


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  1. YES!!!!! They kept the bezel! I was so worried they would get rid of it.

    Awesome job HTC! <3 live.laugh.love

    1. U had me LOL at work. This flies in total contradiction to how everyone complained about the bezel..well played.

    2. They even added an extra bezel! Double down on the bezels.

  2. Is this suppose to be the phablet?

    1. 5.5-inch display, 1-inch of bezel and speaker — yes. This is most certainly a phablet.

  3. Erm…okay I don’t usually say this about most HTC phones I see but…ew.

    EDIT: Before anybody goes off on me for the “ew” remark, know that I don’t mind the overall design, it’s just the grey/black panels and the garish orange camera frame that have me cringing.

  4. Hmm…its design almost feels like an old mockup. I cant honestly see this as the new HTC Phablet. It’s design is the total opposite of the M8. This design may change between now and September/October. If they keep this slightly more boxy design, i can see the camera at least being a lil more flush instead of protruding out so far…….

  5. Moved the headphone jack to the top of the phone? Too bad, I really like it on the bottom of the M8.

  6. Why do manufacturers want to make premium phones so freaken big? May as well break out my bag phone shoulder strap

  7. I really hope that the back isn’t all silicone or w/e new material they chose. The all aluminum phone is what made it popular in the first place but either way the hardware design (look) and specs are enough to make me drool.

  8. bring back the kickstanddd

  9. At first when I heard about this M8 Prime I was disappointed that I’d already gotten the regular M8. And now… I am not disappointed at all.

  10. If the ‘Prime’ phones from HTC and Samsung are indeed real, this practice might come back to bite them in the ass, as consumers pass on their high-end offerings next year while they wait for the REAL high-end offerings.

    1. It’s a entirely different product from the M8. Remember, this is the sequel to the One Max and is aimed at the phablet market. Kinda funny though how the bigger a phone is, the more high-end specs they manage to cram inside.

      1. Ah!! I never thought of that.

    2. This. If the S5 prime is real then I’m going to wait a few months after the S6 release to see if there is a better model coming out.

  11. It would have been better if the camera was even with the back. Make it a bit thicker. Completely flat back, and then you can also put a bigger battery in there. And give us a 4.5″ flagship already!

  12. HTC needs to listen to it’s customers. Lose those hideous bezels. I love HTC’s use of different materials, and I even started to like the new Sense. However, like Chris said 5.5″ screen, plus two bezels, plus the already elongated form factor of the M8 = GOOFY/DUMB/UGLY. If the Note 4 can pack a 5.5 or 5.7″ screen and stay smaller than this phone, I expect HTC to quickly start fading from the scene.

    1. People like you keep saying HTC is dead, HTC is fading, HTC wont be here next year. Yet year after year HTC keeps producing the best Android devices, and they sell. Maybe not as much as the mass marketed Galaxy series, but they sell quite well. Let me guess, Samsung always listens to its customers ? right ? Well no they dont, tons of gimmicky stuff that no one will use, packaged in a flimsy plastic case that their customers dont want either. No phone company listens to their customers when making THEIR devices. They know its gonna sell. Same reason why the nearly unchanged iPhone has sold like hotcakes. Just say it, youre a Samsung fan and generally dont like HTC, i can respect that.

      1. Ok where to start..

        First off, I don’t need you to respect me. It’s the internet…

        Second, you ASSUMED I’m a Samsung fan boy. Why? Cause I mentioned the Note 4? Smh

        Third, my post is an opinion. Your rebuttal is also an opinion.

        People like me? I didn’t say they’re dead, I’m predicting their eventual demise. HTC keeps making some of the best devices? Again, that’s subjective and only your opinion.

        My statement was geared towards my personal frustration that HTC hasn’t listened to the general consensus that the bezels and prominent logos are the only issues with an otherwise appealing design.

        Oh and just for sh!ts n giggles, i own an LG G2 right now. I say right now cause I go through 4-5 phones a year. Last year I went from the HTC one M7, to the s4, to the Nexus 5, to the note 3, to the G2.

        So get your panties out of a bunch, and stop assuming. <- apply that last part to your Life in general.

    2. You have to remember, the Note 4 and other devices are using different hardware. I think the main reason for that extra bezel is the front facing speakers and built-in amps.

      No other phone has hardware like that. It may not be mobile or small enough yet. But as HTC uses the same technology, they’ll learn how to make it smaller.

      That’ll give them the upper hand in the long run. That would allow for front facing speakers, and no bezel. No other OEM would be able to compete.

  13. A really good looking phone, just shameful that it has a 5.5″ screen. I’m more content around 5″.

  14. They should put the self healing back from the G flex, this phone scratches WAY too easy.

  15. This doesn’t look as quality as my m8 (there there M8,you won’t be replaced).

  16. Oh my gosh… That looks nice.

  17. G3 is still looking better than this, IMO. Since HTC is sticking with the bezels, I’d imagine the overall size of the phone will be bumped up. The FCC filing for the G3 showed the height and width, 146.3mm X 74.6mm, so based on that alone, the G3 is going to be close in size to the Z2 and same height as the One (M8) non-prime persion.

  18. The bezels are due to the boomsound speakers that require amplification.

    1. Cute that you believe that. lol

    2. I don’t understand the bezel argument anymore…. my GN3 has “too much bezel” according to some people, however I fine that I hit my space bar or launch that annoyance from the bottom way too OFTEN as a result of the lack of bezel…. I’m all about more screen real estate and reducing the size of the phone at the same time…but not at the sacrifice of functionality due to accidentally pressing wrong keys or activating wrong apps….

  19. Probably packing the same 4MP camera.

  20. This phone is sexy, the front is sexier than the rear. But overall very nice. 5.5 might be a bit large for my liking though.

  21. TF is this HTC?

  22. This is the original Incredible on roids.

  23. MUCH smaller bezels. Nice

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