Verizon XLTE to bring double the bandwidth — here’s the initial (and huge) list of cities


Verizon has just announced that they’ve started rolling out XLTE, which is what they’ll brand their latest network improvements that should deliver double the data bandwidth for those with compatible LTE devices. XLTE uses AWS spectrum to deliver faster and more reliable throughput — it’s what HSPA+ was to 3G, basically.

You will need an AWS-capable device, though Verizon professes “nearly all” their devices are. The confirmed devices are the newest DROID devices, Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 and Note 3, and the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. We imagine most new devices launching from now on should also be compatible. We’ll have to probe Big Red for a full list.

In the meantime, you’re probably wondering where you’ll be able to take advantage. The list is huge to start, so be sure to check it out within this PDF document to see if your city made the initial cut.


That said, even if you don’t have an AWS device you should still be able to reap the benefits of these improvements. Since folks with AWS devices in AWS markets will automatically hop onto the AWS spectrum when available, that’ll free up Verizon’s standard 700MHz spectrum and could improve bandwidth.

XLTE Ready devices automatically access both 700 MHz spectrum and the AWS spectrum in XLTE cities. Customers with 4G LTE devices operating solely on the 700 MHz spectrum in XLTE markets also benefit from the extra capacity created by XLTE Ready device traffic moving to the AWS spectrum.

All of it sounds very promising, and should help toward keeping Verizon’s network in the very tip-top shape that they’re known for.

[via Verizon]

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  1. Shocker. My contact ended yesterday with Verizon and my phone (Note 2) isn’t able to use the faster speeds. And I plan on jumping to Sprint when the G3 is released. Framily plan is cheaper than unlimited data on Verizon when you also have to buy your own phone.

    So unlimited data plan for sale soon on Verizon.

    1. you can upgrade and keep your unlimited, if that’s why your leaving. And if you still want to leave, sprint will just pay your etf! (As far as I know)

      1. Still cheaper for me to jump and pay monthly for a new phone outright than my current plan is without a phone. So right now not interested in jumping through hoops just to keep my unlimited data.

        1. But sprint sucks…

          1. Maybe in your area but where I live Sprint is comparable to Verizon in data speeds. And Sprint has better indoor 4G penetration where I work.

          2. Watch out, you’re about to be eaten by Sasquatch.

        2. Well, was just offering the option in case you didn’t know it existed, hope sprint works out for you! They’ve been slowly improving, hopefully they keep it up.

  2. Well if it is anything like the regular 4G LTE it will suck just as bad.
    Can you load that website? No, I am on Verizon 4G LTE service.

    1. Connection strength depends on your location. Even then, having one carrier vs another won’t mean you can load one website or not.

      As much as I hate Verizon’s ridiculously bloated prices, their network is very good.

      1. Through a internet browser — Speed test — 3.28Mbps D, 2.03Mbps U, through speed test app — (ookla) 3.2 Mbps D, 1.35 Mpbs U. Blazing fast VZW speeds.
        Have tested several times with others peoples providers, they will smoke VZW loading a website time and time again. Same browser, standing just feet away from each other. VZW sucks, don’t care what the paid shills say.

  3. Awesome! Now people can hit their monthly caps twice as fast!

    1. increased download speed doesn’t mean one will reach cap faster. If user A downloads a 2gb movie at 28mbps vs user B dowloading same movie at 8mbps, it has no correlation to monthly allotment.

      1. Yes and no. If user B is getting his movies, etc. faster, he will have more time to download additional stuff. It doesn’t mean that he will, but he can.

        1. you sir, are using variables that do not pertain to download speeds…with your logic, you could also use time awake as an example, or if the person has more free time…its not a good argument in any sense.

          1. Some people don’t get it.

      2. Well we all can agree the data caps are there to trick stupid people into going over them and get more money to Verizon. If these same stupid people don’t know how to adjust their bandwidth use in a program like Netflix for instance, then they will be using data at a much higher rate, therefore reaching their caps faster.

        1. i understand your thought, but vzw’s faster speeds today, wont change a users bandwidth in an app. if they view at HQ now, and view at HQ after xlte, they will use the same bandwidth no matter what 4g speed they get.

          1. How about with Torrents?

          2. What do you mean?

          3. Any application that is bandwidth limited (like torrents) will use more data. If you use more data, you get to your cap sooner.

            I used Netflix as an example because it’s easier to grasp.

            Using your own example, the movie streaming at 28mbps is of higher quality so it is not 2gb, but rather 6gb. Unless you adjust the picture quality down to the slower rate( 8mbps), where the movie is 2gb, you will consume more data for the same time period.

            If you are adjusting the quality down to a slower rate, what’s the point of having it? Marketing!

          4. agreed…im trying to explain my example with the least amount of variables that affect data. with the above example, assume both movies are the same quality (high). if you download at 28mbps vs 8mbps, you download the same movie (size) but at different speeds.

      3. Yes, it does. If you have a 10gb cap and you’re downloading a 12gb file, then you’ll reach your cap fast with faster download speeds.

        1. 0k, ok…it depends on the senario. if all you are doing is downloading files, then yes, you could reach your limit faster. as far as daily use (ex. watching movies, playing games, listening to music) the download speed doesnt have an affect on the amount of data you consume.

  4. Good for Verizon not for me.

  5. Who doesn’t love more speed, right? Verizon’s marketing tactics are pure crap here though. They’re doing something that other carriers already do and the other carriers do it better. There is absolutely nothing advanced or even particularly impressive about Verizon Wireless’ ‘XLTE’. It’s just completely regular LTE broadcast on more than one spectrum block. All this is going to do is confused regular customers, making them think that XLTE is a new form of LTE like LTE-Advanced or “5G” – when it’s not.

    1. like adding more lanes to a highway where the speed limit stays the same.

      1. Speeds will definitely increase spreading users across more lanes or more spectrums because they lanes and spectrums will be less congested. The end result is your car or data will go faster.

    2. I agree, but I am hoping this pushes my LTE speeds back to where they were when LTE first came out. I used to get 12-20mbps when nobody had lte phones on verizon. Now i get 2-6mbps. So as long as the backhaul can handle it, I should actually see noticeable speed increases.

      1. I remember getting 30mbps back in 2011. I left Verizon 2 months ago. I was getting 3mbps then. Pathetic.

  6. My SG4 just caught fire when it tested at a hot 40 Mbps here in the Central Ohio area.

  7. I’m sure it’s wonderful, but Verizon will still have crap data coverage in Los Angeles, because they refuse to put in the number of antennas it takes to cover an area with hills and consequent dead zone shadows. All the speed in the world means nothing if you’re getting 1x or 3G.

    1. 3G is why I left Vzn! I live in Ct, I was so sick of LTE dropping to useless 3G. So I went with T-Mobile, 13mo’s ago, been happy ever since.

  8. Good for Verizon, good for me

    1. Double AT&T’s speeds and several times Verizon’s regular LTE speeds isn’t impressive?

      1. Heres why im not impressed….XLTE is doing what it should do and that’s double bandwith. Considering ATT and Verizon have similar network loads via LTE and the reliative XLTE handsets available currently Verizons XLTE should have performed faster im talking 80-90mbs peak speeds. XLTE is just another marketing brand that the ignorant uninformed public will fall for and its very similar to Sprint Spark the difference is Verizon will effectively deploy the network as sprints execution report card history is not the best. Verizon has a slight leg up but remember att is very subtle about network upgrades and they have already begun to sunset their 2G Edge network and free up that spectrum. In some cities around the country ATT has begun to deploy band 2 ( 1900mhz ) and bankd 5 ( 850mhz LTE on 5×5 channels. ) As times grows these can be widened to 10×10 as more edge spectrum is decommissions. Not to mention all the AWS they just got from LEAP and the Final WCS spectrum where they have 30×30 blocks nationwide. The difference with ATT is that EVERY phone they have sold since the Iphone 5 have required support for bands 2, 4,5 and 17 so phones being able to take advantage of this are all of ATT phones basically. For marketing speak they will prob have to brand their expanded bandwith so the American public wont be fooled and think their att LTE is not XL like Verizon. As a tech guy im not impressed. Verizon always is a sore spot with me because I absolutely despise CDMA and being locked down with handset choices. Can you say One Plus one?

        1. I’m no longer using Verizon anyways, so I don’t really care, but as I see it, better speeds for the same price is an improvement (marketing gimmicks not withstanding).

    2. Citing gottabemobile

      That site is junk. Worst site out there!

  9. I’m getting 40 down in San Diego. It was less than 5 the other day.

  10. Having faster speeds, but little data to use it with is useless. It’s like driving 100mph, but running out of road in 100ft.

    1. Glad I’m on that Unlimited!

  11. Oddly Philadelphia seems to be the only major city in the US not on that list.
    Looks like Verizon just hired an editor for their marketing department to review documents before releasing them. That PDF was loaded with errors. Fort Myers, Fort Pierce and Vero Beach are in Florida, not Delaware. Also, there is no city in Florida called “Beach”….unless Verizon is planning on blanketing all 1200 miles of Florida’s coastline with its XLTE!

  12. Speeds are gonna get slower and slower as people jump on. Same with regular LTE. Marketing the non tech people to jump on board. horrible

  13. Verizon’s the best. With only 3 bars reception, I get 4 Mbps plus on my old Galaxy Nexus, at a remote lake house in rural Georgia. That’s DSL speed, plenty enough for watching two HD Netflix movies, simultaneously, while checking email.

  14. What does XLTE stand for?! I can’t find it anywhere!

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