May 19th, 2014

allcast receiver

AllCast has been a great app for beaming photos and videos to devices like Chromecast and other DLNA-compliant media machines, but it hasn’t exactly gotten along with many other (namely Android-based) solutions. That’s why AllCast Receiver is an absolute necessity for anyone with a device like Amazon’s Fire TV, OUYA or a Google TV unit.

As its name implies, AllCast Receiver can receive casts from the base AllCast app, making Android-to-Android streaming much more easy and feasible than it used to be. Perhaps all your content is on your phone, but you want to watch it on the big screen and don’t have an HDMI connection — beam it to a tablet that does have video out and enjoy! Same goes with any Android device that you can install AllCast Receiver on.

Give it a free download right here if this is something that would help you out, and don’t forget to grab the base AllCast app right here if you don’t already have it.