Apple and Motorola shake hands, agree to dismiss all patent lawsuits



Hell dropped a few degrees this evening. After years of battling it out in the courtroom, Apple and Motorola Mobility have officially settled their patent lawsuits and here’s the craziest part: they didn’t even have to strike a cross licensing patent deal of any kind.

The news comes to us by way of Reuters who reports that the two companies notified the federal appeals court in Washington, letting them know that they were both in agreement to dismiss their cases. In a joint statement, Apple and Motorola agreed to make amends saying:

“Apple and Google have also agreed to work together in some areas of patent reform.”

Motorola and Apple were locked in a bitter patent battle that after being dismissed back in 2012, saw Apple getting another chance at a Motorola sales ban via a federal appeals court. Left to watch from the sidelines was Samsung who had no part in Apple and Motorola’s new found friendship. Guess there’s still hope.


Chris Chavez
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@evleaks: There is no Nexus 6, alludes to Android Silver debuting later this year?

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  1. Basically, Moto isnt doing well so Apple decided to drop the lawsuit after realizing they would spend more money than they would make while Moto realized the Koh will favor Apple and dismiss all their patents like she did to all Samsung Patents.

    1. Apple cares about other companies’ well beings enough to drop lawsuits?

      Let’s see what Samsung has to say to that. And even Google too.

  2. This is a clear sign of how Lenovo is changing things. Apple cannot compete against the powers to be in China. I am sure there were back door threats from the Chinese govt that they would go after the Apple products if they didn’t back off. The people’s republic has our back.

  3. So we’ll never see this fabled battle between Apple and Google? Damn.

  4. I think neither side could see themselves clearly winning (cost effectively). That is the only explanation for this. No caring about other companies nor back door threats by governments. That last one made me laugh.

  5. Now let’s see if Samsung v. Apple will finally be stopped.

    1. Not even close, if anything. This truce will make Samsung’s case against Apple warring with Google less relevant. Meaning now Samsung actually has to produce more evidence by themselves outside of the Google patents to make their case more valid. Apple will easily win against Samsung now because of this.

      1. Ingenious!!

  6. Bad move. With Lenovo behind the scenes, I would put money on Motorola being #2 in sales volume within the next 18 months.

    1. with their attack on the low end market with the Moto G and E, I actually agree about volume. However, for profit, EVERYTHING is riding on the x2(x+1). Last year everyone doubted the phone due to 720p and a lowly s4 processor (but from what i read, the architecture is closer to a dual core snapdragon 600 then an s4 pro but w.e.) this year tech heads know better, so the device wont get the bad press out of the gate that it did last year. I love moto, fingers crossed.

      1. I don’t believe I am alone when I say that they are moving from just being another choice to being a lot of peoples first choice. Yes, that isn’t particularly the case in the US, but I would argue that the Moto G is something special in important up and coming markets like India and Brazil.
        As far as profits go, they’re probably working with about a 15% profit margin on the moto g, so they’ll never get apple rich like that, but if you start moving tens of millions of units a quarter, you won’t exactly be in the poor house.

        1. But then again, this is still Motorola under Google doing these things. Motorola under Lenovo will be much different. Plus, the Moto G and E won’t make much profit per sale because they’re being sold at the actual manufacturing price. Sales volume won’t matter much if they aren’t making much money from it.

  7. Why bad move apple is just trolling patents sooner or later they need to stop . apple has innovative anything but trolling patent

  8. finally figured out the only ones winning were the lawyers.

  9. First with Google now with Motorola…apple has something up its sleeve…

    1. I think Apple realizes the greater threat is becoming increasingly Samsung rather than Google or Motorola.

      With Tizen being developed and using Android-like features, I wonder how long before Google sues them too. At the end of the day, Steve Jobs must be rolling in his grave over this truce.

  10. Don’t do it Google!!!!!! Its a set up!!!!!!!!!

  11. Just an addendum to the article: It’s Google and Apple that set aside the dispute. Motorola has nothing to do with it. Every other news outlet is reporting it this way, including the source reference for this posting (except in the first line).

    For those who didn’t follow; Moto originally sued Apple. When Google purchased Moto, they assumed their patents and continued the lawsuit. During the sale to Lenovo, Google is retaining their patents that they got from the Motorola purchase and licensing them for a fee to Lenovo.

  12. =.O

  13. I can tell you one thing this is not the patent war between them now when both of them are entering the wearable tech industry they

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