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Surprise surprise, folks — another Kickstarter shipping window slipped. This time, Pressy’s April 28th ship date came and went without a peep from NimRod Back, the project’s creators. Many were wondering what happened and why they were so silent they were nearly deafening. Thankfully we have our answer.

Nimrod Back posted an update to Kickstarter today to let everyone know what’s going. As for what happened, they say that some of the Pressy buttons in their latest production batch weren’t up to par, with some beginning to wear out after just 100 clicks. Most Kickstarter delays are often due to quality control issues, so that’s not too surprising of a reason.

As to why they took so long to say anything, they say they didn’t want to share any information until they knew the problem was fully identified and fixed. With that, we’re told that the buttons should all be working perfectly fine after a change in their assembly process, and if everything goes well we should see the first shipments begin to arrive by the end of the month.

Of course, that window is also subject to unforeseen delays so don’t put too much stock into their estimations. Our suggestion? Just go on with your life, forget about Pressy, and the day it finally shows up you can be even more excited and surprised to have finally received it.

[via Kickstarter]

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  1. Got an email from them yesterday, confirming shipping address.
    Maybe by Christmas 2015…….

    1. Seriously?

      1. No joke, all kidding aside. Literally got an email to confirm shipping address yesterday (5/14/14)


        We are writing to confirm your address you submitted for Pressy – the Almighty Android Button!.

        Your address seems to be missing. Please log in to BackerKit here and update it ASAP.


        The Pressy Team

  2. I am glad I didn’t support this vaporware crap.

  3. These guys are annoying me already. It’s obvious that customer service is not a main factor within their business model. I read that whole email that they sent out and I was waiting to read that they’d give us another pressy out of inconvenience for waiting so long and constantly leaving us in the dark, but of course, more empty promises. I’ll probably never purchase anything from these guys again. Chinese knockoffs came out to produce a product faster then them and they had over 25 times more profit from having us pay close to 30 dollars to back them.

  4. I can understand not wanting to say anything until they figured out what was wrong but to wait until it was fixed? An email to the backers to at least tell them “Hey there’s a problem, we’re trying to identify the cause and fix it…” that was too much to ask for?

  5. Perhaps they should spend more time working on their product instead of going after competitors.

  6. A lot of these Kickstarter campaigns are way over the top…….anyone with this idea could have come out with a prototype for less than $5K……put it on a credit car and get it out on the market. I started a business like that, and I know a lot of people who took the risk themselves and put it on a personal credit card. It makes you a lot more efficient and forces you to really think about needs vs. wants.

    1. It’s also a major risk though, with kickstarter you crowdfund the capital. It’s not your money, not your debt, you start the business based on other people’s wants. it’s entirely guaranteed to succeed for you if it reaches the funding goal. Sure it might not make it to production, nothing is guaranteed, but you as the starter get money, support yourself for a while, and learn about all the processes of creating this new product you have in mind. From a business standpoint it seems way smarter than funding a project yourself and just hoping people decide the buy it once you finish your first production run.

      1. “you start the business based on other people’s wants”

        That’s what all successful businesses do, regardless of how they start out. Otherwise, the business will fail because it’s not fulfilling a need.

        “it’s entirely guaranteed to succeed for you if it reaches the funding goal”

        It’s really not. Any number of things can go wrong between getting funding and actually putting out a product.

        “but you as the starter get money, support yourself for a while, and
        learn about all the processes of creating this new product you have in

        Well, if getting money from other people so that you can support yourself and figure it out along the way is your goal, well then it is guaranteed to work for you, for the short term. But, most projects owe a product to the backers. You can’t just figure out the processes along the way because there is a high likelihood of costs being more than expected, manufacturing being harder than expected or nigh impossible, or any multitude of other things. These funding projects aren’t promising products, “if we can figure it all out.” This attitude is what keeps me from funding anything on these sites.

        1. Thanks Lou, exactly my point. Yes, going into business is a major risk Ben……really?

  7. If they don’t hurry up miKey is going to eat their lunch.

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