And now, LG G3’s new homescreen UI in landscape mode



Ask and ye shall receive. Looks like @evleaks wasn’t finished in his leakage for today. The leakster already gave us a look at a few more leaked promos showing off the outside of the LG G3, but what about the phones new custom user interface? It’s true, we’ve seen it in the past. But @evleaks is now showing us what the homescreen will look like in landscape mode.

You’ll also noticed what appears to be LG’s phone app receiving an incoming call and hovering over the the homescreen like a floating widget. All we can say is more. We wants moar.


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  1. June 12th release date?

    1. Nice catch, make sense too.

  2. Can’t wait!!

  3. Actually, that incoming call notification is in Qpair, which is an LG G Pad exclusive, AFAIK….I wonder if we are actually being shown the UI for the upcoming tablets instead.

  4. Between this or touchwiz , which is uglier ? Just wish they would have gone with more of a stock look

  5. Hope that’s not Chloe moretz real number

    1. nope its an Adult Hotline…just tried……..

      1. Lmfaoooooo

    2. I wish.

  6. This looks like a strange mix of Google UI and TouchWiz.

  7. Why 4 buttons on the bottom and the app drawer icon all the way on the right side??

    1. this has to be the tablet UI. the G Pad has an identical option for the navigation bar, it is a shortcut to the notification shade. makes sense on a tablet, not so much on a phone, even a 5.5″ one

      1. I was told this screenshot is 100% from the LG G3. Notice the widget for incoming call.

        Edit: Wait- that’s Q Pair.

        1. actually, you can. i have that feature currently on my G Pad 8.3. what I don’t have is the option to answer, but that could easily be a new feature.


    2. That’s on the G2/FLEX/G-PAD.
      You can re-arrange the button lay-out & choose either a 3 or 4 button lay-out.

  8. Btw the way of the phone is going to the bigger sizes. The G3(5.5), G2(5.2), S5(5.1), OPO(5.5), Z2(5.2), Find 7(5.5) and more small phones are going by the wayside the new Moro x+1 is rumored at 5.0+

  9. oh yes!!!

  10. This doesn’t look like the G3, looks like the G Pad UI, with the tablet now being able to receive calls as well via QPair 2.0. Looks like the new UI will be on all their new devices, hopefully the G2 gets updated as well.

  11. Hello sister model to the Nexus 6. I hope you don’t fail to disappoint. I might look into the G3 in the future myself nevertheless.

  12. Really want the weather widget from the flex… its the best weather widget ever!

  13. but…why 5.5″ >:O

  14. G1 had the landscape mod on homescreen. I’ve never understood why they took out anyways. Good for LG to bring it back.

  15. Auto-rotate/landscape mode is already on the G2 & FLEX.


    LG NEVER updates their phone. EVER.

    LG Optimus G still running 4.1.2 i.e. STONE AGE!!!

    1. XDA.

  17. Now all I need to know is if this indeed has the snapdragon 805 or just the 801.

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