May 15th, 2014


Earlier today we told you guys about a new addition heading to the Google Play Store: PayPal billing. A long time in the making, the update is arriving in Play Store version 4.8.19 rolling out now to Android devices.

The update not only introduces PayPal billing, but several small UI tweaks as well. Google’s gone ahead and removed the colored bar on music, movies, and book listings. It’s clean and minimal, and we love it. They’ve also added a new UI for the permissions screen, condensing everything to icons and short descriptions. Permissions can then be expanded after tapping on them for the full  definition.

Google Play 4.8.19

A small update, but one that we’re sure many of you will appreciate. Those that don’t feel like waiting — we know, many of you have been waiting for years — can grab the apk for manual sideloading/installation down below.

Download Google Play Store 4.8.19: MediaFire

Thanks, DannyDynamo!

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