Calling all ladies: Cyanogen Inc needs your help to fine tune the OnePlus One’s custom wake-up command


Cyanogen Inc

All the single ladies! Er, those who are taken are welcome to help too. Basically, if you’ve got a set of ovaries pumping estrogen into your body, the folks at Cyanogen Inc. could use your help. In a Google+ post today, Cyanogen Inc announced that they’re currently looking for women to help fine tune the custom voice wake-up function on the OnePlus One.

This means they’re looking for female larynxes of all shapes and sizes to help submit voice samples, and although it’s not a paid gig, you can tell your friends you helped a vital software component in an upcoming smartphone come to fruition. Pretty cool, right? Here’s exactly what Cyanogen Inc. is looking for:

Audio samples should meet the following requirements:
# Must be female voice, age range 18-75
# Low signal to noise (less than 25db)
# No post-processing or normalization of any kind
# No noise cancelletion
# Audio should be submitted as a single file: mono, 24 bit / 96 khz
​# For best results recordings should be conducted in a quiet environment with normal speech variations. No shouting or robotic voice (forced) speech.


# Start Recording
# Say: “Ok, OnePlus” ten times, with a 3 second delay in between each
# Select and read 4 random paragraphs from this link. (http://goo.gl/Nfva9d)
# Pause for 3 seconds.
# Say: “Ok, OnePlus” ten times, with a 3 second delay in between each
# End recording

If you decide to take part, please submit the recordings to ciwrl (.at.) cyanogenmod.com (dropbox link, soundcloud url, attachment, etc).

If you’re looking for something easy to help with recording, check out Clyp.it from your desktop web browser. No software installation or downloads needed, just record and share the link with the above listed email and you’re done. Thanks, everyone!

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  1. Do Tranny’s count?

    1. I was wondering that too. He did say if you have Estrogen pumping through your body, but he also said the ovaries had to be doing it.

      I don’t know how the “transformation” works, but if it doesn’t use ovaries, I guess not.

      1. What about brovaries?

      2. Technically a man could do this then after eating some soy.

  2. Anyone see “Her”?

    I’m voting for Scarlett Johansson.

    1. How is that movie? I want to see it.

      1. I’d recommend it. It wasn’t perfect, but it was inventive, even if a bit predictable.

        Movie: B
        Voice: A

        1. _Shrug_ I love the movie.

          1. Your fancy Google+/Reddit formatting don’t work here, Derek. :P

          2. Relevant:

    2. I don’t think you understand why they are asking for this. It’s to calibrate the voice commands, not an audition for a Siri-like personal assistant.

      1. Clearly it’s a joke smh

      2. Yeah, it was half a joke, but you’re very pedantic!

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