Angry Birds Go update brings icy new tracks, tournaments and more



Angry Birds Go is getting trumped up with some nice new content today, as the latest Sub-Zero-themed update brings a collection of new tracks for you to zip around. Beyond that, this upgrade also brings weekly tournament so you and your friends can compete for a spot atop those ever-so-important leaderboards.

Here are the rest of the juicy details on what’s new:

  • Action snapshots: take snapshots of your character in motion on the tracks
  • Lucky boxes: pick these up to win prizes and unlockables
  • In-game mailbox: send lucky boxes to your friends

This kart racing game is only going to get better from here. It’s a fun experience so give it a shot (it’s free!) if you’re looking for something a little bit different to play. If you’re already an Angry Birds Go addict, well, you know where to find that download.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This game is ridiculous, you have to grind for days of using all of your energy every couple hours to get past the third world, not sure why they’d even bother adding a new world…

    1. That’s what I’m saying!! I would have happily thrown out $5 to see if I liked it or not. But the way you play the game, heck no.

      Did you see what happens with the power ups? How after you use it once it cost like 3 crystals!? All you do is just tap the power up and it charges your crystals. I hope you weren’t farming crystals and your child or even your clueless friend just came along and used all the powerups.

      I have never seen such a money-hungry game in my life. =,.,=

      1. Yeah, I did install this update just to see and I saw the crystal power up thing… Ridiculous.

  2. Will check it out.

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