OnePlus One 64GB Sandstone Black availability pushed ahead to late May


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When OnePlus let us in on their production schedule over a week ago, they told us that they’d seen overwhelming demand for the 64GB Sandstone Black model. They vowed to shift production focus accordingly while not totally alienating the base 16GB model.

Things have changed now, though, with the company saying demand for the Sandstone Black model has gotten so heavy that they are delaying production of the 16GB Silk White model. Sandstone Black is now expected to arrive as early as late May or early June, while there’s no window at all for the 16GB model.

It’s not too surprising that demand for the 64GB model has skyrocketed. You tell someone they can get a 16GB superphone for $300 or pay $50 more for quadruple the storage, and they’ll probably be throwing money at you so fast you’d think autumn arrived early.

It’s unfortunate that there’s no estimate for 16GB production for those looking for that model, but if OnePlus’s history of openness and honesty is anything to go by it shouldn’t be long before they update us on those plans.

[via OnePlus]

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  1. What’s the point anymore

    1. yeah $300-350 for a phone that is comparable to $600-700 phones… what’s the point?!

  2. I’m pretty sure this is all code for “we’ve run into significant production issues with the 16GB model and won’t meet our production timelines.”

    1. No, just more demand and more profit for the 64GB model.
      Not like there are any real differences in production between the units.

  3. Hype is already gone. lol. Nice try One Plus, next time you announce a product, have the production ready.

    This will flop.

    1. The hype is definitely still there. Many people just want a 64GB version because for $50 you can get 4x the amount of storage. Some OEM’s charge $200 more for that amount of storage. With no SD card, it’s not surprising that people want this variant.

      Me, I want the cheaper 16GB because I live in the cloud and don’t use local storage.

      1. Ugh, you’re a better man than me. I can’t be at the mercy of data/WiFi coverage. I feel having supreme control (local storage) over your own content is always best.

        1. i think it depends on everyone’s personal lifestyle, if you are constantly out of signal/non unlimited data then you might need more data…. but someone like me who has been running on 16gb for the past 4 years its very easy to limit myself… i have maybe only 2-3 movies stored at a tinme, and then delete it off my phone when im done watching it, also i don’t have a huge music library.

          1. Yup, lifestyle. I see these advanced mobile devices as small investments so I always purchase the variant with the largest internal storage AND one with Micro SD support on top of that. Just to keep my options open. Always better to have the extra storage and not need it than need it and not have it.

    2. Dude, its still only $350 for a 64gb version. Hype is gone? You must be crazy in the head to think the hype is gone. The hype is still increasing everyday. There is still no other phone with these specs (camera, battery, processor, screen, etc) and build quality for the price. The only upcoming phone that could possibly even remotely compete is the Moto X+1.

    3. Can someone explain the apparent emotional attachment some consumers have created with this device?

    4. Sounds like someone is jealous that a phone that probably costs half of what they spent is even faster than their phone.. Oh well, get used to it people. There’s no way this is going to flop judging by not only the great demand and anticipation, but the great hardware itself for so cheap. Previews have already been extremely positive. I hope the phone changes the way the industry creates their pricing structures. It could be good for everyone eventually, not only people who buy this phone.

  4. Here we go.. the delivery dates starting to slide..

  5. Good lord, the hype-haters come out in droves. I love how the worldwide online community is filled with people just waiting for something to fail. Makes me feel all hopeful for the future.

    Wait, it’s not cool to be hopeful…..

    I’m angry and disappointed in the future!

    There we go.

  6. I’m so glad people are jumping ship on this phone. It means it will be less buyers out there. I love to have an amazing but yet somewhat exclusive phone. Ill patiently wait!

  7. They tried this whole invite only release….only to screw up this way…do they think people are stupid? who would not go for a 64gb for just an extra $50? besides those who either are on tight budget, don’t care about storage, or don’t need that much storage….

    1. you probably only named half the market right there

  8. They should change slogan from “Never settle” to “Never sale”.

  9. They better release soon or else HTC will have my money with the rumored cheaper M8.

  10. I was completely put off this product when they undertook a spam campaign using sock-puppet accounts to advertise it on blog posts about the M8. If you can’t trust their marketing ethics, can you trust their manufacturing or support?

  11. I’m dubious of the company in general, so I’ll take a wait and see, and wait some more to see what comes out. I think the black unit is selling more because people know white phones look like crap in a short period of time. The invite system is laughable. Can you imagine Google saying get an invite to buy an LG phone?

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