OnePlus One Smash the Past promo goes live, look inside for a list of eligible devices


So you’ve gotten over your morality issues and decided you wouldn’t mind smashing your current smartphone to get a OnePlus One for $1, eh? That’s exactly what you could be entitled to through their Smash the Past promotion.

We told you all about it when the device was unveiled two days ago, but in case you don’t remember here are the quick details:

  • You apply for a chance to smash your phone, giving OnePlus a description of how you’ll do it.
  • If your idea is interesting enough they may pick you as one of the 100 lucky souls to pull the stunt. Remember that you should only smash your phone AFTER you are confirmed to be selected — don’t be like these guys.
  • You’ll need one of the following smartphones to be eligible:
    • Apple iPhone 5
    • Apple iPhone 5C
    • Apple iPhone 5S
    • Blackberry Z10
    • Blackberry Z30
    • HTC One M7
    • HTC One M8
    • LG G Flex
    • LG G2
    • LG G2 Pro
    • LG Nexus 5
    • Motorola Moto X
    • Nokia Lumia 1020
    • Nokia Lumia 1520
    • Nokia Lumia 920
    • Nokia Lumia 925
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
    • Samsung Galaxy S3
    • Samsung Galaxy S4
    • Samsung Galaxy S5
    • Sony Xperia Z
    • Sony Xperia Z Ultra
    • Sony Xperia Z1
    • Sony Xperia Z2
  • If you’re selected, you make your video, pay your $1, and get your 16GB Silk White OnePlus One

Easy peasy! You don’t have to agree with OnePlus’s antics, but it doesn’t seem like they’re going to budge away from a promotion that’s giving them a lot of attention (even if a lot of it is negative). Head here to get started, and be sure to check out the video above if you aren’t too squeamish.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. So very stupid

  2. Eh, I figured I’d give it a try. Entered.

    1. Hmm… I want to enter to. That would be one less phone being smashed.

  3. Silk White? Even though I wasn’t going to do it, that enforced it.

  4. 16GB model? lol no thanks.

  5. meh… i just want to buy the damn thing :( when can i buy it?

  6. Why not my GNex One Plus why

    1. Ha, I’ve wanted to smash the GNex for a very long time…and I stopped using it last June.

      1. I was running CM 11 and software wise the phone was fine but the battery and LTE radios were too much. I unloaded my GNex last month for the bogo One M8.

  7. I could sell my phone and buy their 16 gb model if I wanted to…

    1. This is what I’m saying!! Someone gets the phone and you get a new phone. Like why would I destroy my old phone? And I may come out with more money in my pocket.

  8. Can I pay $2 for the 64GB model? lol

  9. Yeah, not about to smash my 32GB G2 for a 16GB phone. I’ll just get the 64GB if/when available.

  10. Come on, lets smash your 16 gig internal and 64 gig expansion devices for a crack at an only 16 gig device!

  11. More like smash the present. Most of these phones are pretty new and most people still in love with them. Mixed emotions about this but I am one trendy sucker and love the rush of doing something crazy and completely impractical just so I have something to talk about to my friends.

  12. Find a broke broken S3 on CL pay $45 for it. Apply for the smash and buy. Find a construction site, (insert a creative way to smash the phone here). Buy phone for a $1. Use it for a week. Sell it for $800+. Save that money for the G3, Nexus 6, or Note 5.

    1. Phone must be in working condition, shown working in the video with service.
      I believe all that is stated in their TOS

      1. *activates Adobe After Effects skills*

      2. Have someone with a good phone and do the old switcheroo

    2. YUP and YOU MEANT <<NOTE 4>>

  13. People seem to be forgetting they don’t have to sign up

  14. 16GB? You are out yo mind!!

  15. I wonder if you can use one of those 3 invites to buy for yourself and buy the 64 gb version
    and then just sell the one that you got for a dollar
    I signed up for the fun of it. But the 16 gb is just dumb.

  16. looking at the list of qualifying phones i am going to have to say that this contest is indeed ridiculous.

    i’m not gonna claim this to be a moral and environmental atrocity like many others have but every one of these phones(maybe with the exception of the S3 and Xperia z) can be sold for the cost of a 1+1, and the 64GB version at that.

    as far as safety is concerned, i agree. morons shouldn’t participate in this(though clearly they have). take the battery out of your phone before you smash it. if non removable, don’t break your phone in a way that punctures the battery. you don’t need to obliterate it, you just need it to be nonfunctional with some visible damage.

  17. So I should lose my NOTE 3 for the 16GB phone and less functionality phone.
    The OnePlus it`s nice phone, but not equal to the NOTE 3.

  18. My Note 3 and iPhone 5s are in pristine condition. There’s no way in hell I would smash either of those for a device that’s valued at half the cost. Now my old, inoperable One X is just ripe for this.

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