HTC’s head of design leaves company, but will stay on as advisor


htc scott croyle

There’s a bit of bad news with a nice silver lining for you HTC fans out there. The company’s head designer — Scott Croyle — has decided to make his exit from the company in a formal capacity. Croyle was the man responsible for the HTC One M7 and HTC One M8, two devices highly regarded for their slick engineering and beautiful industrial designs.

Fortunately for HTC, Croyle won’t stray too far from the nest right away. He’ll be staying on as an advisor, giving HTC guidance for design of a few more upcoming projects we have yet to hear about. We imagine he’ll be teaching his successor the ropes through all of this, though, and will eventually hand the reigns over full blast.

HTC has also reportedly made a couple of more restructuring moves, with word that Sense UX director Drew Bramford taking over all of HTC’s software and services (which is basically Sense, heh). We’re not sure whether this is for better or worse for the future of HTC’s products, but it’s something they had to be absolutely sure of as they attempt to revamp the entirety of their business and get back into the black.

[via The Verge]

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  1. Maybe someone can convince them to ditch the stupid black bar under the screen now

    1. hopefully samsung will hire him and make some much needed changes to their line up

      1. Nah, he’ll head to OnePlus. ^_^

        1. lol ;-)

      2. You mean like metal that wraps around the phone making handling slightly more difficult? Or maybe a unibody design that robs users of the ability to easily swap batteries? Maybe a black Samsung bar adorning the bottom of the phone? No thanks, I’ll wait until the Note 4 is released. It’s supposed to feature a new form factor. If it’s a flexible youm display I’ll be happy. He can stay with HTC tho.

        1. i didnt say anything about metal, i just want the phone to actually feel and look better. You can do that with different feeling plastic. Also, i dont understand the complaints about the black bar, if you dont care about how a phone looks, why does it matter if there’s a bar or not?

          I would get an gs5 because its a good phone, but design (hardware and software) would be a con in my pro con list

          1. My apologies I just assumed you were one of those “Heavy Metal Heads,” lol. I personally like the thinness and feel of the faux leather back my Note. If you don’t I can understand. I do agree the design can use an overhaul. I just want them to keep the sd card and removable battery. Hopefully the Note 4 is well designed.

          2. i mean i love the way the htc one feels, so i like metal, but im by no means “metal or go home.” I like to go caseless. I dont mind the leather back, i thought it was kinda cool. I just dont like the home button though. Specifically the combination of home button and capacitive buttons. Doesnt feel cohesive. That being said, i’d get a gs5 for the right price. But id like to test out the one plus and the z2 first

    2. I don’t get why the black bar is a big effing deal, or even a deal at all, the phone looks just fine with it. It’s still the best looking phone I’ve ever seen.

      1. Because it’s 2014 and some of us don’t want that excessive bezel.

  2. What HTC needs to do is add that Bokeh effect to videos. Kinda like they do on TV shows where the person is in view and the background is blurred out. That’s cool. HTC should focus on that and make it better.

    Ah!! I’d love that. And they should add the ability to make stop-motion videos. Those are just fun.

  3. So he’s responsible for the bezel and camera

  4. Glad hes still there somewhat , cant wait to see the M9 next year.

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