Apr 25th, 2014 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:13 pm


It sounds like we’re closer to seeing the unveiling of the fabled Amazon phone than we’ve ever been. The most recent leak finally gave us a real shot of the device itself, something that’s been alluding us since these rumors began running rampant back in 2011.

Now, it seems we’ll be learning more about Amazon’s plans for offering data to those who opt to turn their mobile lives over to the e-tailer. BGR apparently has it on good authority that Amazon will be looking to push “Prime Data” with the phone.

Unfortunately we’re not entirely sure what that entails just yet, but Amazon is said to be hooking up with AT&T as an exclusive mobile partner here in the United States to facilitate that. Early beliefs are that Prime Data will be an Amazon promotion based on AT&T’s Sponsored Data program, where companies can pay AT&T to give users access to sites and services without using their own bandwidth.

It could certainly be beneficial for Amazon, whose business of delivering books, streaming movies and TV shows, apps and games, music and more will certainly take a toll on anyone’s data plan. With Prime Data, they could be looking to foot the bill for all those gigabytes. We’re not sure if said perks would be available to folks without an Amazon Prime subscription, but we imagine all of that will be worked out and laid out when the time to make this announcement comes.

When that announcement actually comes is still in the air, though it’s believed the year won’t expire without Amazon finally coming clean with the plans we know they’ve been working on for years.

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