XCOM: Enemy Unknown turn-based strategy game coming to Android soon


2KGames is doing due diligence in making sure anyone and everyone can get a chance to play one of the best turn-based strategy games to come out in recent years. We’re talking about XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the contemporary reimagining of a series that practically defined the genre. In this game, you’re the commander of XCOM, a global entity tasked with protecting the world’s nations and their people from alien threats.

You’ll command full squads of fearless soldiers, research alien weaponry and biology for new breakthroughs, manage the construction and efficiency of your home base, and play a balancing act to save as many countries as you can (hint: you’re going to lose somebody). Speaking to its quality, the game averages an 89/100 on Metacritic and was met with tons of perfect review scores from reputable publications.

The news today? It’ll finally be coming to Android, and it may be here sooner than you think. The official word is that it’ll be out “soon,” but game designer Jake Solomon tweeted — supposedly in err — that the game would be out tomorrow. That tweet was quickly dismissed, though, so there’s no telling if it was a legitimate error or if 2K just wants to surprise everyone.

xcom enemy unknown

Either way, this is definitely one game you’ll want to watch out for if you’re into this sort of stuff. It likely won’t be cheap, with the iOS version clocking in at a whopping $20. It’s a little steep for mobile, but you have to understand what you’re getting here — a very, very deep experience with countless hours of fun (or frustration depending on your level of patience).

Adam Sessler might have bowed out of the industry, but his take on the iPad version is no less truthful now than it was when it first launched. Be sure to take a look at the video above to get an idea of what you’re in store for when this game finally makes its way to Google Play.

[Twitter via PocketGamer]

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  1. Download Mod and Free Apps and Games for Android Devices.

  2. Nice! Been waiting for this to hit Android. Now I can dedicate my pc to other gaming expieriences!

  3. OH SNAP!! So all my app money for next paycheck is going to this. It looks so cool!!

  4. Better late than never

  5. It’s a great game. I played it on the iPad a while back, totally worth th 20$. Liked it so much, played it again on the PC with the Enemy Within dlc.

  6. About time

  7. This game was SOOOO hard. I got so far, only to realize the world went to sh*t and nobody was giving me any more money. Sucked :/

    1. I finished it with only 2 countries doomed ;)

    2. the difficulty was the main selling point of this game. i remember that when they launch the pc version the dev add much easier difficulty on later patch since to some people even the initial ‘easy’ difficulty is still too much for them.

  8. Is this tablet only? Seems like it might be tough on a phone but if it works then this will probably be great on my commute.

    1. And will it be offline play. I with just minor Google Play game saves.

  9. This could easily be a freemium turn-based clan game that I would at on my phone. I’m not interested in battery-draining 3D real-time shooting with this.

    1. No. This is the real deal.

    2. have you played the pc version?

      1. No, just the PS3 version; it seems like it could be easily translated to mobile if they made it more like a freemium clan-type game, and I would definitely install that.

        1. but the dev did not intend to bring or copy other freemium titles. when they port the game to iOS they intend to port the exact game they release on pc.

  10. Wow I thought it would never come out on Android! I love this game :)

  11. hoping for more triple A games like this to hit android.

  12. It’s available on the play store now. $9.99

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