Apr 24th, 2014

Chris Chavez Google Glass watermark

It looks like Google could have been trialing out a free-for-all sale model for the Glass Explorers program in their one day sale a couple of weeks ago. They’ve opened the purchase site back up for anyone in the United States to buy a pair of Google Glass without an invite.

We’re not sure whether this was intentional. If it was, we’re also not sure if this will be a permanent offering until Google starts the consumer-focused Glass launch. Either way, we’re pinging them for comment and we’ll be looking to share anything we find. For now you can take $1,500 of your hard earned money and purchase one at Google’s site if you’re interested.

[Update]: Google has clarified that the link went live to accommodate some folks who were still in the pipeline from last week’s sale, which sounds like they opened it up for those who had troubles submitting the order on that particular day. As such, this isn’t a permanent change — they’ll be shutting that link right back down shortly. Looks like everything has now been marked as out of stock. Bummer.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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