[Update: no it didn’t] Google Glass Explorers shop opens back up for all US residents


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It looks like Google could have been trialing out a free-for-all sale model for the Glass Explorers program in their one day sale a couple of weeks ago. They’ve opened the purchase site back up for anyone in the United States to buy a pair of Google Glass without an invite.

We’re not sure whether this was intentional. If it was, we’re also not sure if this will be a permanent offering until Google starts the consumer-focused Glass launch. Either way, we’re pinging them for comment and we’ll be looking to share anything we find. For now you can take $1,500 of your hard earned money and purchase one at Google’s site if you’re interested.

[Update]: Google has clarified that the link went live to accommodate some folks who were still in the pipeline from last week’s sale, which sounds like they opened it up for those who had troubles submitting the order on that particular day. As such, this isn’t a permanent change — they’ll be shutting that link right back down shortly. Looks like everything has now been marked as out of stock. Bummer.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. Out of stock…-_-

  2. 1500 to be a beta tester

    1. Weeds out people who don’t really want to use it or help shape the platform.

      1. So you saying being broke means you don’t really want to use it or help shape the platform? Or even if you’re broke you’d sell your grandma’s TV to get one?

        1. If you’re going to spend $1500 on something, you most likely really, really want it seeing as that’s a lot of money. It’s not just a random impulse buy for most people. Me, I saved for a the better part of a year to get Glass because I really wanted it. Because of that, I’m dedicated to the platform.

          1. And people who didn’t or can’t must not be dedicated to the platform. Gotcha.

          2. Plenty of people raised money for Glass thanks to crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo and were able to buy Glass. If you can’t afford Glass then do something about it. Complaining isn’t going to get you anywhere. I want a Tesla. I can’t afford that. I’m working and hope to some day be able to buy one. In the meantime, I don’t take to Tesla blogs and complain.

          3. Don’t flip my questioning your logic for complaining. ,You’re supposed to be better than that. Did I once say I couldn’t afford it or that I didn’t have it? Negative. Your first comment came off as an elitist one.

          4. I did not mean for it to be negative. I am just stating reasons that have been discussed over the past year.

      2. Derek is rich, he says he will buy anyone that wants one one.

        1. I wish I was rich then I could go on yacht races w/ Koush.

  3. I agree. .it weeded me out. I almost made an inpulse buy, but currently I really don’t have a use for them.

  4. Doh. Sorry everyone. Bad info. Glass is not for sale to all. The link is for explorers who purchased Glass last week. https://twitter.com/googleglass/status/459395715190358016

    1. No problem,s*** happens.
      It isn’t as if we were on a hunting trip w/a former VEEP…….

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