OnePlus One size and specs draw inexplicable anger


The CyanogenMod based OnePlus One phone has just been announced along with a pretty crazy price and equally crazy promotion. But what we find craziest is a bizarre backlash against a specific OnePlus One spec announced: the dimensions.

Last month the company released a promotional image of the OnePlus One covered by the Sony Z1, insinuating the OnePlus One had smaller dimensions.You can see the OnePlus One barely peeking out from the sides – so we knew it would be slightly wider – and based on the angle of the picture no assumptions could be made about the thickness or height.

After all was said and done, here are the dimensions of the OnePlus One compared to some key competitors:

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 4.44.22 AM

It’s taller and wider than both the Sony Z1 and Oppo Find 7 and also taller than the Galaxy Note 3. Suddenly, for some inexplicable reason, that’s cause for chaos and a reason for disbanding the fabric of the universe. You can find a prime example of this on a thread titled “This company is founded on lies” on the OnePlus Forums and a discussion of the same on Reddit.

This isn’t an isolated incident, either: across many different forums and sites we’ve seen a multitude of people bash the company for being unfair, misleading, and lying about the OnePlus One in regards to the dimensions and specs. Unless this is a targeted attempt by OnePlus One’s competitors to discredit and troll the launch, I’m not sure where all the hate is coming from.

Let’s get a few things clear:

  • OnePlus never made claims that weren’t true… they posted a picture, people made assumptions, and are now holding OnePlus to words that other people put in their mouth.
  • Starting at $299, nobody should have anything to complain about
  • Especially a few millimeters here and there, which is exactly the difference. Unless these complainers saw this stat on a spec sheet, they’d never  know the difference
  • The people complaining are welcome to a refund. What’s that you say? They haven’t paid for anything yet? Oh… I see…

Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. The complaint is so absurd that I’m finding it hard to rule out some type of foul play.

I’m really excited about the OnePlus One and I’m sure our OnePlus One Forums will be heating up in no time. I’m not very excited to see people breaking their phones for a chance to get One, but I’ll just sit on the sidelines and hope someone tosses me an invite.

Hint, hint?

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

You’ll have to smash your current phone for an early chance to buy the OnePlus One

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  1. I’m excited about this also, but the device is just way too big for my liking. I’m already pushing the limits of my preference with the HTC One M8 in terms of size.

  2. Hmm, being annoyed at consumers being annoyed/angry seems like a circle of wasted time. Much rather just focus on the device itself than reactions from a few forum members. Glad to see another Android kid on the block. Diversity is great for consumers.

    1. Aren’t people who think the reaction to the device’s size missing a very important point? Many, many people want a device that is relatively easy to pocket (S3 or G2-sized). The Oneplus was expected to be just that or very close. Now it isn’t and it will be impractical for many people to buy and use it because of pocketability. Don’t just assume everyone is angry because the company lied or something else.

      1. *think the reaction and disappointment are unnecessary*

      2. I don’t know. Looking from the outside it’s like, ok, some folks are quite upset at the size of the device. So.. do we continue to focus on their reactions or the device and see some reviews? *shrugs*

  3. Didn’t they claim it would have a 5.5inch screen in a 5inch phone form factor? I called BS on that from the start, so I’m not surprised the thing is huge. Sizing fail, I won’t be getting one – it’s just too big.

    1. Agreed, that was a flat out lie.

      If it comes in at the right price I might get one, but the size is putting me off.

      1. We already know what the price is though. And yes, the price is definitely ‘the right price’

        1. True, at these prices you can overlook allot, not that there is allot wrong with the phone.

          My only complaint is size and lack of an sdcard slot, with the 64GB version still being relatively cheap, that’s not really an issue though.

          1. so i’m going to be that guy.

            allot: to divide or distribute by share or portion; distribute or parcel out; apportion:

            a lot: very many

          2. Did that make you feel better? :)

    2. It’s too big. It looks cheap (of course, plus side is it IS cheap), and the camera isn’t flush with the body.

      Plus I wanted unibody. Disappointed. Although I don’t mind the lying about the size too much………..typical marketing ambiguity.

      Looks like xperia z2 it is.

      1. It’s too big, yet you also don’t mind the size?

        1. the lying about the size

        2. You know what he meant. Don’t nitpick.

    3. They didn’t say that exactly… and if you look at what they’re packing into the phone, you could argue they HAVE packed a 5.5-inch phone (all specs considered) into a frame that some 5-inch phones are in (all dimensions considered).

      1. As far as width goes, it’s fairly close to the Z1 although that’s quite large itself. The height of the phone is a bit much though, it’s considerably taller than the Z1 and even taller than the Note 3 which has a larger screen.

        Maybe it’s just me, but I really hope this trend of making screens larger and larger dies out soon.

  4. “Ha ha.” To quote Nelson

  5. Rob, I wholeheartedly agree. All this anger seems really unnecessary.

  6. Inexplicable? OnePlus said the device would fit inside the body of a 5″ device. This claim was corroborated by the image of the One under the Z1. Not only does it not fit inside the body of a 5″ phone, it’s larger than a Note 3 which has a 5.7″ screen.

    People are upset because we were not in the market for a phablet sized device. The G2 is smaller than the S5 and has a 5.2″ screen, so it wasn’t beyond reality that OP could fit a 5.5″ screen inside a device that was slightly larger. Instead of being slightly larger, it is very much so larger. Even larger than a device with a larger screen.

    Expectations were not managed correctly. In fact, expectations were misled.

    1. It is taller than a note 3, but also considerably (compared to the height difference) narrower than a note 3. So to say “it is larger than a note 3” as you do, is not really correct. It is larger in some ways, and not in others.

      1. Considering the only reason the Note 3 is wider is because it has a larger screen, the One is larger.

        Also, if they can stretch the truth to say that this device fits inside the body of a 5″ phone, then this truth can be stretched as well. The One is larger.

        1. That isn’t how measurements work I’m afraid though is it.

          1. No, it’s not. And the size of the device compared to the Z1 isn’t really how the truth works, is it?

          2. Did they say it would be the exact size of the Z1? Nope. If you don’t think a couple of mm isn’t within the size range of the Z1 (a 5″ device), then you are clearly a pedant.

          3. Yes, in fact, they did. If you don’t know, then don’t act like you do.

            “When we first started our journey, we thought users wanted a 5” screen, as it tends to be most people’s reported comfort limit when holding a device. At the same time, other users have been demanding larger screens, so we also understood a bigger screen offers users a better experience when it comes to reading, watching videos and gaming. >>>>>>So, why not fit a 5.5” screen into a 5.0” handset? After a lot of trial and error, our engineers figured it out. <<<<< Need proof? Believe it or not, there’s a OnePlus One under that Sony Xperia Z1, a 5” screen phone that many people have said great things about."

            If they knew both dimensions were larger than the Z1, then they shouldn't have said it would fit inside the body of a 5" phone. They clearly lied.

          4. Based on all of your posts in this thread… This issue really has you riled up. Maybe just buy a G2 and root it? Or a G3 in a few months.

            This phone is announced and isn’t going to change. Seems like your only option is to not buy it and move on. Maybe their second release will be more to your liking?

          5. I have a rooted G2. Yes, this has me riled up. They overhyped the phone based on lies. I’m also not the only one upset. In fact, I’m in the majority. I’m simply not afraid to be vocal about it. I don’t appreciate being lied to and I want OnePlus to know it’s not OK to lie. If they had just been upfront about the size of the phone in the first place, people wouldn’t have been upset. Instead, they straight out said it would fit into a 5″ phone’s body. In reality, it’s larger than a 5.7″ device.


          6. 1 – Good job on the rooted G2! Like a boss!!!

            2 – I totally understand your qualms will the whole situation. Being lied to is no good. But it seems like there are people who aren’t bothered by it and you are commenting on every post as if you are trying to get them to be angry about it as well.

            Actions speak louder than words. If every person who hates the dimensions doesn’t buy the phone then that sends a pretty clear message to the company.

            Words speak pretty loud too – but they have to be directed at the right ears. Arguing with the Phandroid community will have zero effect on the phone currently being released and on any future release. Write a letter to the CEO of OnePlus One and keep sounding off on their official message boards!

            Though I am no internet police. You may, of course, post anywhere you darn well please :)

          7. They’ve heard an earful on the forums. I’m vocal here because of this ridiculous article calling the anger inexplicable as if it was completely unfounded. And by the number of likes on my original post, it’s evident that a lot of people on this site also feel the same way as I do. Some people don’t care enough to post, but I believe it’s really bad form for a brand new company to herald themselves as one thing when they are in fact worse than other companies. I can’t imagine Samsung or LG flat out lying to their customers about the dimensions of a phone to build up hype.

          8. Hmm. Well that is just a very dang good point indeed. My mind has been swayed.

            You have my blessing in your crusade! Carry on, warrior!

          9. Not a good time to troll, man.

          10. 1 – I wasn’t trolling. It seemed to be an unproductive way of going about things so I merely brought up an alternative solution.

            2 – This is the internet. I think almost every time is a good time for trolling.

          11. Hey, of course you should voice your opinions on this device. That’s what these comment sections are for. From an outsider or rather just someone who wasn’t a potential OnePlus One customer, I was perplexed by the coverage of the reactions. I was more interested in knowing more about this new device than the reactions of disappointed forum members. But, after a day I can see that it’s a larger portion of these OnePlus One customers than I first thought.

          12. Dude at the end of the day it’s a beast of a phone for $299. If you want to get your panties in a bunch and call them a “company founded on lies” over a couple millimeters, go ahead but don’t act like you’re being super reasonable here.

        2. Surface area is actually less with the one plus one. Just sayin.

          1. The surface area of a ruler is even less. Just sayin.

    2. It’s still inexplicable hate. You can say “aw man that’s too big, too bad.” Since no one bought anything yet. Hate would require you to be duped into a purchase. Not duped into watching the unveiling.

      1. Some people have spent many hours on the forums reading about this device, excited about all of the features, only to find out that the device is too large to accommodate their everyday needs (while the whole time OnePlus was boasting that it would fit inside a 5″ device when in actuality, it’s larger than a Note 3.)

        Hardly inexplicable.

        1. It’s too large to accommodate their every day needs? It’s millimeters larger than other phones. It’s not like it’s the size of a brick.

          1. How arrogant of you to presume whether or not it fits into someone else’s lifestyle. The Note 3 is quite a bit larger than my G2 and will not fit in my pocket comfortably. The One is even longer than the Note 3. If a phablet works great for your lifestyle, then wonderful, but there’s a reason why more than half of the forums members are unhappy with the phone’s size.

          2. The only presumption made here was by you about my 3 sentence blog comment on the internet about phone. We get it, you don’t like the size of the phone, but seriously man, people are acting like someone killed their puppy. To claim arrogance and to infer than I’m attacking peoples’ “lifestyle” is a little ridiculous.

            It’s disappointing that the phone is larger than was implied, but it’s still a very nice phone…it’s just clearly not for everyone.

          3. Exactly. They were going for the smartphone crowd, but unveiled a phablet – which automatically means it doesn’t fit with many people’s lifestyles (something you carry around with you everywhere you go, 24 hours a day is part of your lifestyle)

          4. Exactly! I commented the same thing on someone else’s post. I can’t fit a Note 2-sized device in my pocket without risking losing it or having it swiped. The Oneplus is simply to long to be pocketable for me.

        2. even so, it doesn’t justify hate, just justifies disappointment. I could understand hate if people have preordered it already and then got screwed, but no one committed to buying the device, therefor its disapointing, even if the leak was misleading it still isnt anything to get angry about.

          I’ve spent hours researching rumors and tips from alleged solid and trustworthy sources, but i don’t get mad at them when their info is wrong. I just get disappointed that the Nexus 5 battery was only 2300.

          When your money wasnt been put down, when there is no buyers remorse, i don’t think any table flipping is necessary. I think that’s what the article was saying as well. That’s like hating HTC because they didnt up the MP size of their camera after they said they had improved… i dont hate HTC i just go, blah wish it was better, but its not that big of a deal because i didnt buy anything yet.

          1. I’m not sure why you don’t understand this. The company lied to us. They said it would fit inside a 5″ phone. It simply doesn’t. Not even close. They enticed the wrong market. Everyone who is upset about the size are all people who do not want to buy a phablet.

            No one is upset based on rumours. We are upset based on fact – straight from the CEO.

          2. I understand exactly what they did, i’m just saying if you havent put any money down, then it isnt a big deal.

          3. I and 20 others here as well as (at least) hundreds on the forums would disagree with you. Going by your logic, you shouldn’t get upset if you’re lied to. I find it hard to believe that you live by your own logic.

          4. you obviously have every right to feel how you feel, i was just explaining how I and the original poster feels. It really isnt that big of a deal so we don’t understand what all the commotion is about. Even when you explain why you are upset, we aren’t upset about it and its hard to understand why people are really THAT upset about it.

            Well it depends what i’m lied to about, I don’t get mad for the principle of things, i get mad if the thing actually warrants me getting mad. My mom lied to be about santa clause, i wasnt really angry. My girlfriend lies to me when she says she’s ready but she really isnt ready yet and i have to wait another 15 minutes. I don’t get all that angry about it. I sigh and roll my eyes.

          5. That’s great if you’re empathetically challenged. I wasn’t looking for a phablet, but that’s what they unveiled, the whole time under the guise that it had smartphone dimensions.

          6. do you have to be empathetically challenged in order to not find something to be thatbig of a deal? I wasn’t looking for a phablet either, so i was like aw shucks. Oh well.

            Have you never thought something wasnt that big of a deal and you thought someone else was taking it way too seriously? That NEVER happened to you?

          7. If I was the only one, then yes, I’d understand that maybe it was me. When it is more than half the people on the forum complaining, then you have to think… maybe this is a real issue?

          8. There are plenty of times when hundreds of people are complaining about something and others still don’t think its that big of a deal… like violence in video games or movies. thousands of people complain, i don’t think its that big of a deal.

          9. Yes, I agree that is true, but in your example, the people complaining about the video games are people who don’t play them. They are removed from the issue and are complaining about something they don’t understand. Sorta like what you’re doing….

          10. i understand what the device is, i understand that they said it would be smaller than they said it would be… just like HTC said their camera would be better than it is… just like Tegra 3 said their shadow processor would make the battery last longer than it did. Everyone of those people who spent hours on forums were full and ready to accept that there might be something about the phone they might not like since it was the unveiling. It sucks that it was something you didnt expect to be the problem, but in the end what’s the difference? If it was the screen size or if they announced it would never get an update ever, or what if they announced the screen was only going to be e-ink and not full a rgb display… would those things turn you off? Would you be like “aw man what a waste, could have been my next phone, but they lost me on spec A, B or C” That’s how I and the author of this article responded and that’s how we expected most people to respond.

          11. Then you should probably take this as a learning experience.

          12. i did take it as a learning experience… some people will make a huge deal over things i don’t understand to be a big deal. They said the phone would be smaller, phone turned out to be too big for many people (including myself). Let’s go flips some tables.

          13. So you’re using this phone? No, so don’t buy it and go away.

          14. Great you didn’t want a phablet. But to be honest, your personal attacks on other commenters is growing tiresome, especially when all we are doing is offering up counterpoints to your arguments. Please take your entitled rants elsewhere.

          15. No.

          16. You were “lied to” by a company trying to make money. I hardly find that surprising. They’re going to suffer the consequences of a large group of the target audience not purchasing their phones.

          17. never mind the fact money never changed hands so therefore there was no injury. the phone isn’t to your liking. move on and buy one of the other choices around.

          18. This!!!

          19. What if Google officially said that their 2300 battery would last longer than a note 3, and then it didn’t. I suppose no one put down money, but you were enticed because of it. You spent time browsing through their forums and didn’t get any other phone because you believed what they said.
            I think it’s reasonable disappointment.

            But all in all, it’s a really good phone (phablet i suppose) at a fantastic price.

          20. yes i agree, but reasonable disappointment is not the same as being angry. I was just saying i dont understand why one would get “angry” that a product they didnt buy was bigger than they advertised. If google said it would last longer than the note 3 and i waited for the review (after spending hours looking up stuff and reading articles) and the reviews say it didnt. I’d go, “ugh that sucks. i knew it was too good to be true. Oh well. I’ll have to pick a different phone.” I would not go around flipping tables and uninstalling chrome on my computer.

        3. you’re blaming for the manufacturer for the amount of time you (generally speaking) chose to spend reading about their phones on tech blogs?


    3. -” In fact, expectations were misled.”-

      I’d have to agree.

      Not the end of the world in terms of what the difference actually means (literally millimeters) but in terms of a new company trying to establish itself, shifty marketing tactics aren’t the best option to start with.

      1. Literally millimetres my a$$. The thing is 16mm (just about 5/8 of an inch for people who hate the metric system) longer than the S3 and the G2. I fully expect hundreds of people to be disappointed since that genuinely makes the difference between a pocketable device and one that is difficult to put into and take out of your pocket without a big risk of losing it. Don’t be bastards just because you don’t agree with how many people want to carry their devices in their pockets (which is perfectly reasonable and practical).

        1. -“Don’t be bastards just because you don’t agree with…”-

          I think you and I have differing views about how bad the end of the world would actually be… I’m not saying this is a non-event, but at the same time, it isn’t the worst possible thing that could happen to a person.

          Apparently, a lot of people were allowed to get a misplaced impression about a product before it was officially introduced. Nothing new here when dealing with internet expectations. The shifty part was that the manufacturer seemed to be encouraging the false impressions. That’s unfortunate when done by an established company, concerning when done by a new company.

          Ultimately though, the company did release official dimensions at the time they “officially announced” the device. It isn’t like people bought the phone, got it at their home, then split their pocket seam because they were promised a phone half an inch shorter…

      2. That’s what I was thinking. If they truly did mislead potential customers then this seems like a rookie mistake on their part. Or, perhaps just a deliberate move in hopes of creating buzz for a new company. Either way, bad form.

    4. I thought it would be LG G2-sized based on that same claim they made. My S3 fits well in my pocket. Unfortunately with this thing being Galaxy Note 2-sized as far as the length goes means I’d run a big risk of losing it or having someone lift if out of my pocket. New pants or a knapsack are pretty much my only options if I got this phone. That’s the main thing I think people have a problem with – practical pocketability (and usage by extension).

    5. People want a device that they can actually easily pocket. Has everyone who thinks the dimensions outrage is unnecessary completely missed that point? That’s why many people are upset.

  7. The size is not what bothers me, it’s that inexplicably huge bottom bezel. With that much real estate, they could have surely added front facing speakers to take advantage of it.

    1. The bottom bezel it’s there for the capacitive buttons. You have a choice for software or capacitive buttons. Some people wanted capacitive sine wanted software so you get both now. That’s why the phone it’s so huge.

    2. With that much real estate they could reduced the length of the device by 8-10mm.

  8. This article looks like Rob wants brownie points so he won’t have to smash his phone lol. But on a serious note, maybe people can be mad because they felt lied to.

    I know I don’t want a phablet, and I was getting hyped about this.

    1. All phones are going toward phablets mark it, ive been hearing a buzz of a 4.5 inch iphone. Also with the G2, G3, S5, 7a, and OP one all being 5.1 or bigger and the original Phablet being 5.3 inches. Book on the phablet craze continuing

      1. And never going away. Because most people realize Phablets are better.

  9. The Z1 has a 5″ screen. The showed us all a picture of the device being physically larger than the Z1 by margins that you wouldn’t even notice, so you all knew it was bigger anyway. It is in the same size range as a 5″ device, exactly like they said it would be! So how have they lied to anyone when they showed you the bloody thing being bigger.

    1. This is nowhere near the same size of a 5″ device. It’s taller than the Note 3, which is a 5.7″ device. Please do some research.

      1. The one plus one js 9mm taller, 2mm wider, .4mm thicker and 9g less than the Z1 id say thats comparable

        1. I wouldn’t.

          1. Opinion noted all over the comments, move on.

  10. They could always release the OnePlus OneMinus down the line that is a smaller version of this, but I’m happy with what we see. I just need to get lucky enough to smash my phone!

    1. I dislike sarcasm and trolling.

      1. It seems you also dislike reading comments and understanding their intent. I will admit though, this post is dripping with sarcasm and trolling. :)

        Seriously though, there’s nothing wrong with this phone, and I’m sure down the line they’ll have a smaller version. It stinks for those who want/need smaller, but hey, it’s cheaper to make a bigger device, so this is a good starting place for them. Let the 4 inch screen version show up next year.

  11. So the phone has a smaller screen than the Note 3, yet is taller?


    what a joke. Never Settle hhhaha

    1. It’s width is smaller than note3 though.. but yeah it’s still big.

    2. Thank you. People are often so indifferent. They don’t realise what goes on outside of their own brain cabinets and don’t really realise how something that they don’t care much for or about can be a problem for someone else.

  12. “Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. The complaint is so absurd that I’m finding it hard to rule out some type of foul play.”

    You serious bruh? The company deliberately misled people. Perhaps they didn’t explicitly say the phone would be smaller, but they certainly implied it. Not a good start for a new company. There’s no foul play. Samsung isn’t trolling here. Those are all people that are disappointed big time. The people have spoken.

    1. Smaller than what though? Did they say the phone would be smaller than a specific phone on the market?

      Implying something doesn’t mean anything. I can imply that I’m the tallest man in the world, but that doesn’t make it true.

      1. Yes, they said it would fit into a 5″ phone. That 5″ phone they were referring to was the Z1. It wasn’t a subjective matter. The claim was very straightforward.

        “When we first started our journey, we thought users wanted a 5” screen, as it tends to be most people’s reported comfort limit when holding a device. At the same time, other users have been demanding larger screens, so we also understood a bigger screen offers users a better experience when it comes to reading, watching videos and gaming. >>>>>>So, why not fit a 5.5” screen into a 5.0” handset? After a lot of trial and error, our engineers figured it out. <<<<< Need proof? Believe it or not, there’s a OnePlus One under that Sony Xperia Z1, a 5” screen phone that many people have said great things about."

        1. People dont want nust a 5 inch screen! Bigger is better much better and they never lied to a soul. If they released exact specs and then put out sometbing totally different then yes thatd be a problem

          1. They didn’t lie to a soul? If you can’t figure out that they made a blatant lie from the quote above… I’m not sure what to say.

          2. It depends what you mean by “lie”. The fact is they made the claim Jason Nguyen stated above and they didn’t adhere to it. Maybe not a lie from the point of view of the indifferent but it’s still extremely disappointing if the device’s actual size makes it impractical for you to use and pocket.

          3. Where do people keep getting this notion that bigger is better? When they start releasing phones with 10inch screens, will you still blindly claim bigger is better? The Huawei Ascend Mate (or whatever it’s ridiculous name is); is that better than everything else because it has a (stupidly) big screen?

            Bigger is not better. Bigger does not add more functionality. There’s a limit, and OEMs are really starting to test it.

        2. Well then. I guess I stand corrected.

        3. Really, they didn’t. The picture shows that it goes over a bit and he fact that they cut off the bottom of the picture should have told anyone that it extends beyond the length of the other phone.

          1. Really, they did. I’ve quoted it. This is not subjective.

        4. People want a device that they can actually easily pocket. Has everyone who thinks the dimensions outrage is unnecessary completely missed that point? That’s why many people are upset.

      2. I can also imply that you’re a shortsighted fool (which in this case also happens to be true).

        1. Instead of actually participating in the conversation, you choose to insult me indirectly and then directly. Well done. You win the internet.


      3. Yes, I’m the problem because the conversation progressing well about this issue will actually have an influence on how things are done in the future. In truth most people don’t get how frustrating it is when you’re looking forward to a device being a practical size for you to use and pocket (and with almost everything else you could want in a device based on actual statements by Oneplus) only to find out it’s too big to be practical for you. Hundreds if not thousands of people are upset because of the claim of a 5.5″ screen on the body of a typical 5″ device. Come back and contribute to the “conversation” when you’ve gotten over your own indifference to other people’s way of doing things.

        1. If you actually read my post it’s asking two serious questions that I was interested in receiving the answer to. The second half of my post was me defending the manufacturers right to imply and what that actually means (albeit in a snarky manner).

          I don’t get why you’re so worked up about my post, implying that I’m not contributing. At the same time you’re frustrated that I don’t share the same opinion as you. Well guess what, my “indifference” is my argument, a counter point to your rage. Welcome to the conversation.

    2. I don’t think they deliberately misled people. I think they pushed the marketing team to the limits and some think they stepped over the line. They may have disappointed a lot of people, but deliberately misleading people… I think not.

      1. They did misled people. And that is the reason for the dissapointment + frustration. And also the reason why phandroid created this article in the first place.

      2. People tell themselves what they want to hear. This phone looks fantastic. I’m thinking about buying one just to experience the first phone from a company that will probably be very successful in the long run.

    3. Downvoted for using the word “bruh” in a non-chill comment.

    4. Are you serious? Do you have a phablet? If so, how do you transport it? Would you prefer a device you can easily pocket and carry that way? Of course you would. Don’t be shortsighted. The fact is they created an expectation and didn’t deliver on it.

  13. SMH…

    they blew it. i’m gonna still buy one myself but seriously…they blew it.

    i’ll be looking for to having my oppo find 7b in my hand.

  14. I don’t really follow or pay attention to any of the hype surrounding a phone until it’s released, generally. Having said that, a phone like this rocking CM officially out of the box? I can’t recall how long I’ve been asking for this but at $349 I’ll definitely be checking it out. (currently using a Note 3)

  15. The outrage is ridiculous. The device was so overhyped that the expectations of those interested became unsatisfiable.

    They managed to put some great specs into a device. Just because it’s slightly larger than other phones on the market doesn’t make it good or bad, it makes it different. Last time I checked, technology doesn’t allow a 3100mAH battery, and insane specs to fit into a tiny phone that’s 90% screen.

    1. All I wanted was a phone, not a phablet. Nothing unreasonable with that.
      Slightly larger? Its bigger than a note and that thing is already enormous.

    2. Unless it’s a G3.

    3. LG did a pretty good job fitting a 3000mAH battery + 5.2″ screen into the G2 without it being needlessly huge.

  16. Heck yeah, do not buy if you do not like….leaves room for others to get invites….hehe

  17. Settle

    1. It’s an exaggeration but the point is valid (and I agree with it). Would have been the best to show a picture of someone struggling to put the device in normal pants-sized pockets.

    2. That reminds me of the Z Ultra. Much sillier sight using that as a phone without the optional dongle.

  18. I will wait for the reviews on this one. Yes, this phone sounds great on paper; but I have been disappointed one to many times by great specs that did not translate into a great device.

  19. Calling out the passionate reactions to a phone is a bit ignorant. Forums like this have been littered with irrational opinion for years- Try and find a popular thread that doesn’t devolve into how much better one device is or how someone will never buy an Apple product, won’t happen.

    That being said, calling this “hate” is irresponsible. Sure there are exceptions but what we have here is disappointment. Justifiable disappointment for some at that. If this device was checking all or most of the boxes on a dream phone list and turned out to be the size of a 1984 scientific calculator you’d be disappointed as well. Of course those that have been disappointed can choose to not purchase it but that doesn’t exactly deal with the absence of a highly anticipated device.

    In the end events like this are a good, but not likely to happen, opportunity to improve our tolerance and ability to balance expectations.

  20. There was a bit of misleading about the dimensions. While claiming that they fit a 5.5″ screen into a 5″ frame, they misled consumers into thinking width AND length of the device.

    Following their misleading information to an extreme (and I know.. ridiculous) I could claim that I have engineered a 10″ tablet into the same size device as the 4″ iPhone5. (given the widths are the same). But then on launch day have a device that is a panoramic device…. misleading by the very definition of the word.

    I’m not so angry about it (although I can see why some are). I am/was very excited for this phone. I don’t want a phablet, so I’ll have to swing by Best Buy and see how the Note 3 feels in my hand (since the size is somewhat comparable). I honestly don’t know if I’m purchasing this device anymore, I may go with an LG or wait for the next Nexus.

    What irritates me more is the “Flat UI” design. While some may find it pleasing (and that’s fine), everyone is following Apple on this. Google Now had some flat elements, but not the entire UI. I don’t think it’s necessarily ugly, but I’ll surely be installing Nova anyway…. I have way too much customization to rebuild otherwise that the stock launchers typically don’t allow.

    1. The sad part is, they’re not following apple. Apple’s flat design is following Microsoft’s dont-call-it-Metro, which was the first major name to popularize it.

      1. That’s very true. But once Apple did it, everyone else had to. Microsoft had it for a while on Windows phone.

        1. Actually, Apple was last to the game. Android integrated flat elements before Apple did.

    2. This is Cyanogenmod. If you don’t like their UI then just switch the theme. They will be including AOSP theme along with their own.

      1. That’s why it’s not a factor in my overall decision. That very reason is why I’m such a fan of Android.

    3. Wait for the Nexus being released in 2014…

  21. I don’t care if they made misleading promotions. I just care that it is too big; like all the phones being compared to. I don’t want to carry a man purse just to hold my phone.

  22. I really don’t understand why people are so upset. The company lied about the dimensions, but what company doesn’t lie to customers. Last I checked all of the big players cheat on benchmarks, not to say that One Plus isn’t cheating also. All things considered this phone is one of the best values on the market, and this is coming from a Samsung user who does not plan on buying this phone. The company never explicitly said that their product was smaller than the Sony Xperia Z1. I can’t help but think that many of the people commenting are Samsung, LG, or HTC shills trying to sway customer’s opinions on this phone. As grown men please stop crying about this issue, and buy something else.

  23. I would actually like to meet some of these people. Like WTF!? How is your daily social life if you have opinions and a mindset like that?

  24. Really…..who cares about all the noise? I just want to know if t-mobile would activate it IF I get my hands on one to try it out?

    1. You just throw your SIM card in it. You don’t need Tmo to “activate” any phone.

    2. I am very interested in this as well. But they have T-Mobile listed as an approved carrier right on there website. http://oneplus.net/one#features-camera
      But I am hearing other things. Why would they put T-Mo on their website if it is not fully functional on T-Mo’s network?

      1. Yes, it will work on T-Mobile, but I believe only on band 4 LTE. Voice will work fine.

        1. So what exactly does that mean? How would the coverage change, would it change at all? What about those times when you do not have an LTE signal and you need HSPA or 3G?

    3. What is this “activate” stuff you speak of? T-Mobile is GSM so the sim is what’s activated, not the device. I’m a mobile engineer and use maybe 10 different phones a month, casually moving my sim from device to device to device without ever contacting any carrier. Sprint and Verizon are CDMA and “activate” phones based off ESN, which is specific to each individual phone so they truly activate the phone.

      The thing you need to worry about is spectrum compatibility.

      1. Try that on metro Pcs, they are stupid.

  25. anyone have pictures of it sitting next two say:
    Note 2, Note 3, Z1, Oppo, S5, iPhone 5s, LG Flex, LG G2,

    So we can see how it compares in actual view instead of tables.

      1. This link, page 2 pretty much sums everything up and should calm a lot of nerves.

  26. this is a phablet…not a phone…thats all im saying…i wish someone could make a really good phone besides motorola…im tired of these overcompensating asian companies absurd products

    1. Sounds like someone has small hands…..

  27. I guess you can say Plus One for the One Plus.

  28. I hope the nexus 8 has cell phone radios! bc why buy both! turn down for what?!

    1. I’ll just need a clip on my back like Captain America has for his shield.

      1. Great. Then I can confirm to people that I’m a nerd from 100 ft away instead of when they hear my speech patterns.

  29. I am not buying it.
    Because of the silly invite to buy system and the massive size. I already own a tablet.

  30. until it’s annouced even thing should be ‘taken with a grain of salt’, how is something a lie if it wasn’t officially offical in the first place?

    1. There were some pretty clear implications (and a statement from Oneplus) of the device being “a 5-inch device size with a 5.5 inch screen”.

  31. The most important factor why I got excited about this phone was their claim that the size is actually smaller or at par with the Z1, with a 5.5″ display, via a teaser. Though they haven’t officially announced it yet, the teaser created a massive ripple effect in the tech industry, and some, if not most, high end Android users are bezel crazy peeps- the reason why the hype was huge.

    I think what Oneplus One should have done was to release a teaser that shouldn’t brag about what is not true in the first place. That’s why some phandroids are upset.

    However, I must admit that this phone still has a lot of promise. But due to the size, I might pass.

  32. Expectation failure is a powerful thing.

    1. The indifference is strong in this one.

  33. rob totally agree with the points. after looking at the specs, its quite the value for the device.
    is that the device im getting :( like theres no way but imagine if they cheaped out on the processor and it wasnt a snapdragon but an allwinner A10? im sure that wont be the case but this phone could have sold it self without any pictures! Truly who cares about a few mm diff on the phone (like you said especially at that price point) but what else is being embellished?


  34. I may be the minority here, but I don’t mind the dimensions of this phone. The Z2 is as bezelicous as they come and is one of the most anticipated phones right now. Yes the phone may be slightly taller than the Note 3, but it’s screen is only .02 inches smaller! People make it seem like it’s a 5″ phone stretched out to Note like dimensions. OPO is partially to blame, but honestly I never took that whole 5.5″ screen inside 5″ phone thing seriously. Is it possible they could have made it smaller? Maybe, but they same could be said for the HTC M8.

    1. Bezelicious device and you’re happy. Almost as stupid (and unnecessary) as Beyoncé’s word “bootylicious” ending up in the dictionary. Gods beneath us, this planet will be destroyed by people’s own indifference and shortsightedness.

    2. Yep, I don’t care that it’s a hair larger than comparable phones. It means more to me that it’s lighter than the others.

  35. Honestly this phone would not be getting defended this much on Phandroid if it wasnt made by CyanogenMod. If it was any other phone it would be instantly panned as substandard and ugly and get maybe one article.

    1. Fastest phone ever sold at that price point? I think it’d get more than one article

  36. I’m still getting this phone, quite like it and it’s a steal for the price they’re selling it at. BUT! They did say 5.5 inch display in a 5 inch phone. That is, they’ve settled with phablet dimensions whereas their motto is “Never Settle”. True, they’ve achieved some amazing feats and it is the best phone on the market today, with an unbeatable price, but I personally really was expecting true 5 inch-phone dimensions. This did disappoint me. I can just about manage a Sony Xperia Z (5 inches) with one hand, but there’s no chance I’ll be able to do the same with the One. : / Shame really, I reckon 5 inches is the sweet-spot. Just not too large.

  37. I need an invite. I have never been a fan of cyanogemod but at that price for those specs???? Call me a fanboy!

  38. If they had sold people a device, site unseen (although I don’t know many folks that would buy a phone without seeing it at all), with specific details promised, and THEN delivered something COMPLETELY different, I could understand the uproar. But this? C’mon people..

  39. 1+ attempted to mislead the public and managed to do so with one of your contributors. Quentyn Kennemer in an article on the 11/03/2014: http://phandroid.com/2014/03/11/oneplus-one-display/ said ‘perhaps it’s longer than said Sony phone, but not wider.’

    ‘I’m not sure where all the hate is coming from’? People don’t like being mislead, personally I would have thought that was obvious.

    1. Seriously? Looking at the picture in question, it appears the one plus is wider by a hair. Then we get the specs, and lo and behold it’s 2mm wider. Give me a damn break. Get a life. It’s wider by about a dimes thickness. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. They never claimed it was thinner. People like you just made assumptions. It’s like the old adage, “When you assume you make an ass out of you and me.”

      1. Calm down buddy. I don’t care but based on your rant you obviously do. How long till that heart attack comes knocking.

        I was never going to buy this but the authors ridiculous inability to see how some people may be upset needed a counterpoint.

        All those assumptions you made about me did make an ass of you.

        1. Except, the author addressed what you were referring to. Did you fail reading comprehension? One plus, the company, never released any specs or a statement or anything that said their phone was narrower than the z1. They released the picture with the z1 on top of their phone, and if you look at the picture, you can see that the phone underneath is a hair (literally a hair) wider than the z1. So my whole point is, your spouting off saying the company attempted to mislead people, When in fact they didn’t. Sure, maybe Quentyn didn’t notice and got it wrong in his article, but he doesn’t work for one plus. I honestly don’t care about the phone, I just hate when morons go spouting off when clearly uninformed.

  40. why do you bash a phablet.
    the’re supposed big, like a mini smartphone is small.
    debate ended


  42. Not buying it because:
    1) It’s too damn big and
    2) first-gen products by new companies are ALWAYS full of problems.

    1. ditto and ditto
      I might still support these guys and get it as a tablet:)
      Or perhaps when I gain enough weight to say 300 pounds, I may have a pocket wide enough to hold it.

  43. That’s it. I’m waiting for the Nexus 6.

  44. oh look another one comparing the One+ with Z1, Z2, Note, Galaxy, HTC ONE you know what……..go buy one of those if you like it so much its only like $700 dollars only

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