HTC One M8 DotView case hack could bring support for more notifications


htc one m8 dotview case hack

The HTC One M8’s DotView case is a pretty interesting accessory. It gives you a glimpse at several device statuses and notifications, including time, weather, notifications about SMS messages, the ability to answer and decline incoming calls, and more — all without having to power it on. You can read more about it in our HTC One M8 DotView case hands-on.

Unfortunately the DotView case doesn’t work with all notifications. In fact, there are very few built-in applications it does work with. HTC also didn’t make an SDK to allow third-party apps to display their own. Things might change soon, though, thanks to the after-market development community surrounding the phone.

Prominent developer Shen Ye posted an image to Google+ showing the DotView case lit up with a Twitter notification, something we certainly don’t get out of its stock capabilities. Unfortunately that’s all we get, as the simple caption of “DotView hacking” was the only other thing accompanying the post.

It wouldn’t be like Shen Ye to tease without intentions of giving up the goods, though, so it may not be long before we see some sort of mod to flash atop the many Sense 6.0 ROMs already running about for this phone.

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  1. pretty cool

  2. Dot View would be cool if it was a little more functional… and less in the way since the flap doesnt fold flat with the back of the device.

    1. Oh… I did not know that. That’s a bummer.

  3. I may buy one if they do more

  4. When I buy my HTC One (M8), I’ll also buy that DotView case

  5. I think HTC has shown A LOT of eggs in the basket, when it comes to what consumer gets, this device is really going to start a legacy in main stream support and directly from HTC because there are numerous features that are very future proof and open to suggestions/apps/tweaks, I’m talking about the depth-perception camera on the back, 5mp front camera, stereo speakers(may be possible to enhance with virtual surround by plugins, for example) blink feed, and now Dot View. HTC is really hitting the bulls eye, whether their stocks reflect it or not (yet), it doesn’t matter because hardware and software is extremely tweakable, not to mention, if you ever need more cpu power in 2 or more years, which I highly doubt, the metal body is designed to dissipate heat, leaving CPU overclocking a possibility – this is all just from what HTC is opening for developers. From customers end, right out of the box HTC let’s anyone really personalize their device – here we go: IR blaster – control ALL your remote controlled things like TV, receivers, etc x infinity, choose what off-screen finger gestures do for you, keyboard that can reason with multiple languages simultaneously, create your own camera (settings) from scratch, for your favorite activity, or time of day or theme and save it. There is no smartphone on EARTH offering longer life, more features, and such tweaking to the extreme, and offering so much out of the box.

    1. And best of all, these features aren’t gimmicks

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