Mar 14th, 2014


Despite rumors to the contrary, Samsung Mobile bossman JK Shin promises the company has no plans to pull a fast one on those scurrying out to buy their new Galaxy S5 next month. Speaking to Korean media, the CEO adamantly denied reports of a “premium” version of the latest flagship, which many believe to be slated for release later this year.

The rumors, which point to a Galaxy F lineup of top-tier devices, stem from months of rumors and speculation leading to the announcement of the Galaxy S5. In recent weeks, growing hype can likely be attributed to the disappointment of some fans after the new Samsung smartphone was revealed as a slightly underwhelming upgrade to last year’s Galaxy S4. Rumored specs attached to the so-called premium version of the S5 would include a 64-bit processor, more RAM, and a design using metal as its primary material.

Yes, there is always the chance that Shin is merely attempting to squash these rumors in order to not distract consumers from the launch of the Galaxy S5, but perhaps we all are reading a bit too much into the tea leaves. Maybe a souped-up Galaxy S5 is indeed in the works, maybe it isn’t. Either way, we know what Samsung’s official stance is.

[via KBench]

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