Samsung still denies rumors of ‘premium’ Galaxy S5



Despite rumors to the contrary, Samsung Mobile bossman JK Shin promises the company has no plans to pull a fast one on those scurrying out to buy their new Galaxy S5 next month. Speaking to Korean media, the CEO adamantly denied reports of a “premium” version of the latest flagship, which many believe to be slated for release later this year.

The rumors, which point to a Galaxy F lineup of top-tier devices, stem from months of rumors and speculation leading to the announcement of the Galaxy S5. In recent weeks, growing hype can likely be attributed to the disappointment of some fans after the new Samsung smartphone was revealed as a slightly underwhelming upgrade to last year’s Galaxy S4. Rumored specs attached to the so-called premium version of the S5 would include a 64-bit processor, more RAM, and a design using metal as its primary material.

Yes, there is always the chance that Shin is merely attempting to squash these rumors in order to not distract consumers from the launch of the Galaxy S5, but perhaps we all are reading a bit too much into the tea leaves. Maybe a souped-up Galaxy S5 is indeed in the works, maybe it isn’t. Either way, we know what Samsung’s official stance is.

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  1. Well his name is “JK”… he could just be kidding…

  2. it would be messed up if they do release a premium version after people purchase the GS5…

    1. They do this all the time. I remember when HTC tried to backpedal after one of their employees hinted that a stock Android version of the HTC One was going to be released. Later, it became official after being denied only a few weeks before.

      1. So in May when they show of the rumored F series anyone who bought on April 11th will be double the fool!!

      2. not sure if releasing a version of a phone with a different UI is the same as releasing a fully superior variant of a phone with superior specs and features all around.

        it would be similar to announcing the note 4 was coming out next month only a week after the release of the S5. they’d be cutting their own throat.

      3. smh.

  3. Was looking to upgrade my S3 to the S5, wonder if I should wait?
    Let’s see on the one hand a freckled backplate, heart rate monitor and fingerprint reader & on the other everything that we wanted from the S5 upgrade….
    (I know the S5 is a boost from the S3)

    1. im in the same boat, looking to upgrade from this S3, not sure if I should wait.

      1. Same here, not sure if I should upgrade S3 to LG G2 /G3 or S5 or the new HTC One.

        1. I hear the Galaxy S6 is going to be amazing!

        2. I just upgraded from the s3 to the G2 last week, and I’m thoroughly impressed with LG’s monster of a phone! And battery life is freaking amazing!

  4. I am buying the S5, no doubt. If they release a premium within 6 months of the S5, I will never buy a Samsung product again. It’s that simple.

    1. Within 6 months? Well you’ll surely be disappointed then, phones are on a six monthly cycle, and the Galaxy Note 4 will be unveiled by then.

  5. They could be ramping up production for the Note 4. Price is not a hindrance on that phone and premium materials would be a logical upgrade in light of the lack of hardware/software features in this year’s flagships.

  6. I hope the next note is waterproof thats the only feature I want along with headphone jack thats covered too other than that note 3 is the tits

  7. Of course they will deny it, otherwise they won’t be able to sell enough current S5’s.

  8. If Samsung denies it, and it comes out, they are liars, and I will never buy a Samsung again. PERIOD. Don’t lie to me!

    1. If you stop buying products from companies that mislead people in their press releases I think your gadget collection will be a little sparse in the future :)

  9. Didn’t HTC release the premium S4? They called it the HTC One I think ;-)

    1. s4 has different specs than the htc one…the only good of htc is speakers,materials and price and maybe camera but i havent tested the camera…

  10. I really like the galaxy phones .Ihave the g3 .i have always had galaxy phones right from the fist galaxy s 1 and that was made of metal that was a fantastic phone then the s2 now s3 the best samsung phone .I am getting the S5 but if they come out with the premium f series i will never buy a galaxy phone EVER again

    1. Let me understand this, you love Samsung’s Galaxy phones but if they make one that is really special you will never buy another Galaxy again?

      1. no thats not what i mean .Right now they are dening that they are makeing a premium galaxy and alot of us are going to get the s5 thinking they are not now if they lie to us alot of people are going to be pissed because they lied ..Now if they say there might be one in the near future then i would wait for the premium

        1. Oh right I see, fair enough. Personally I’ve not bought a Samsung phone for a while as they are operating more and more like Apple and how a company treats its consumers is a big part of any choice I feel.

          1. Well iv never had a a crap apple before but samsung and apple are not running the same i can have my galaxy look and run how i want it to.Iphone you get what they give you and you cait chang how it looks and runs.Like i mean software keyboards and thing like that

          2. I meant the are operating the same as a company not as a product. For example making smart watches that only work with their phones so you are locked into their eco system. The OS is nothing like Apple as you say.

          3. ya that is forsure both of them are taking our money and giving us little upgrades on both sides .They could probly give us alot more but they have to save some of the upgrades for the next flagship phone

  11. WHat you guysss think about Galaxy S6?? ;-)

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