OnePlus One 50MP camera samples leaked, show an incredible amount of detail and bokeh


OnePlus One WFSoLyV

Throwing even more coal into their hype train’s furnace, the folks at OnePlus are now (officially) showing off the photo capabilities of their upcoming handset, the OnePlus One. Taken by OnePlus forum member Martin Mal, the images show, not only an impressive amount of detail, but a healthy helping of bokeh as well. This is actually the second time photos from the handset have “leaked,” the first time showing a few snapshots that weren’t in their full resolution.

First thing you may notice is these are actually 50MP images, delivering an output of 8,160×6,120 resolution and weighing about 10MB in size. We’re guessing the phone is employing a similar feature to that of the Oppo Find 7especially after the most recent leak — that allows the phone to piece together 8MP images into a single 50MP shot. If you look at the HDR image here, it’s shot in a more typical 4,160×3,120 (13MP) resolution at only 3MB in size.

Once again, the depth of field is incredibly impressive from a smartphone standpoint, especially considering it doesn’t appear to be the typical software tricks we’ve seen from HTC or Samsung. Not bad, OnePlus. Not bad at all. We know how much importance some of you place on your smartphone cameras, making the OnePlus One’s low $400 price point sound even more attractive. We can’t wait for the phone to be unveiled, even if you’ll need an invite to purchase one at launch.


[Google+ | OnePlus Forums]

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  1. I might make this my “Nexus 6” if the real N6 doesn’t live up to this… and unfortunately it probably won’t.

    1. Same. Just gotta work on getting that invite. :/

      1. Thank you Nexi releases!!!!!!!

  2. In order to piece together pics to make the 50mp,how long will one need to hold their camera still for?

    1. On the Oppo Find 7 referenced above that does this same trick, it supposedly takes them all pretty much instantly. People who have used the feature claim that even with moving objects there is no noticeable issue there.

      1. it wasn’t instant. it has to be held pretty still for like a few seconds.

  3. I just felt a rush of instant deep jealously…. Got damn Verizon.

    1. I’m feeling the same kind of suffering being stuck in Sprint because of work.

  4. Wow..did not realize how much these pics weight… I remember my family’s first HP photosmart 4.1MP back in 2003…with a 512mb SD card..could fit 250+ photos….(no video recording back then). at 10mb….that’s only ≈50 photos on the same memory card….lol

    1. Still more than a single roll of film.

      1. damn!!!! let’s not go that far back..give me a headache!! lol

  5. These pics are much better than those that leaked about a week ago.

  6. The 23rd can’t come quick enough
    So far this phone is looking to really make a statement, and I’m definitely going to acquire one.

  7. Don’t see the big deal on this phone when no one doesn’t know what or who makes this phone?

    1. It’s a start up company. The founder was part of OPPO (hopefully you’ve heard of that). This start up is wanting to provide excellent experience of software and hardware with their philosophy of “Never Settle”. This phone has specs that match the flagships (801 snapdragon, 3GB ram, a 5.5″ display and fitting it into a 5″inch phone (his statements say it fits in phone smaller than the xperia Z1). Adding to all this is the selling price. They have targeted less than (USD)$400. It;s going to be announced on the 23rd of April, so we’ll see then!

  8. Considering stepping away from Sprint for this, but I’ll miss my unlimited data. May go with T-Mo, but their service in my area isn’t that great :/

    1. T-Mo coverage is expanding and getting better – be patient?

  9. Yeah may look good but the invitation requirement killed my hype for this phone. I think even some kind of lottery would have been better.
    PS. I don’t use my cell phone if I want to take good photos I carry my sony a57 with me.

  10. Smartphone cams are getting very better but man still a long way to go while the camera is good at many things clearly its not that sharp

  11. holy molly that night shot.

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