Apr 16th, 2014


With as much info as OnePlus themselves have dropped about their upcoming smartphone so far, we’re amazed it’s taken this long to get our first real look at the thing (even if we don’t get much other than its backside). The shot you see to the right was posted to Chinese social network Weibo, giving us a look at its chassis.

What we see is a rather ordinary red material with OnePlus’s “Never Settle” mantra stamped on back. Some might immediately look at this as obnoxious branding, but don’t forget that the OnePlus One is being designed to allow people to customize the look of their phones using StyleSwap (which is a fancy way to say they support interchangeable covers).

We can also see the 13 megapixel Sony Exmor sensor on back accompanied by an LED flash unit. Pictures of the base motherboard were also leaked, though it doesn’t show us much other than OnePlus being proud enough to etch their own logo into the thing.

This peep show comes to an end right there, though, because there was nothing else to be told. We’ll have to wait for more information to drop to know more, otherwise the April 23rd unveiling should give us all we need.

[via GizChina]

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