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Moonshine UI themed icons now available on Google Play



Earlier this week, we got a supposed sneak peak at Google’s upcoming icon changes for a future version of Android, dubbed internally as Moonshine. If you’re anything like me, after seeing Android’s upcoming Moonshine UI icons, you’ve been drooling to get that sexy, flat design on your Android devices. Thanks to talented Android designers, you can now rock those new icons inspired by Google’s upcoming designs.

The Moonshine icon pack on Google Play aims to get the job done by currently 60 icons in XXX-HDPI as well as 6 gorgeous wallpapers that complement Moonshine’s theme. Nexbit Designs, the brains behind the icons, plan on adding new icons as they go and they’re even accepting suggestions if you want something included that currently isn’t themed.

To get started, all you’ll need is a supported launcher such as Nova, Apex, ADW, Smart, Unicon, or Action Launcher. Then, head on over to the Google Play Store and download ‘Moonshine‘ for FREE.

Get your flat on.

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  1. Pretty sweet, thanks.

  2. Is there any launcher that supports icon changes, but keeps a stock UI? I know most have near stock UI, but I’m hoping for a full-stock UI, where I can change the icons. Just curious.

    1. You can always use Unicon, but you need to be rooted and have the xposed framework installed. Then you can use the icons on the stock launcher whether it’s Google Now, Sense, or Touchwiz.

    2. You can use Icon Changer and change the icons individually.

    3. Hmm.. Xposed framework would allow you to do that if you’re rooted.

    4. I use QuickShortcut Maker. I know it’s really for making shortcuts for apps that won’t let you, but I find it easy to use to just change icons on default apps.

  3. Not sure I like these icons. I’ll leave them on for a bit and see if I just need to get used to them.

  4. I hate the ‘flat design’ fad.

  5. Ugh.

  6. It’s too earlier in the Android evolution to go for the retro look. Why waste high resolution screens on low res icons…. Just because Apple went for the “simple” look, doesn’t mean that what we want.

    1. Android adopted the flat look long before Apple lol

  7. Cool

  8. This is a step backward, IMO. The icons in the Google launcher are mostly great.

  9. This is okay. The Shapes and Shades icon pack is excellent

  10. These look a lot like Holo Icon’s theme pack. Pretty nice.

  11. Could I have a link to that wallpaper on the left?

    I usually don’t mind flat design, but I don’t like iOS 7. I don’t really like these icons either.

  12. Just downloaded. Sweet!

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