OnePlus One press renders leaked – interchangeable wood, carbon fiber, and denim back covers too


OnePlus One 1

We’ve had our reservations about the OnePlus One. An upcoming smartphone that’s made a name for itself for being different from “the other guys,” we haven’t actually seen any product. To top it all off, the leaks we have seen appear to be nothing more than a rebranded Oppo Find 7. But all of that may have changed tonight.

Some new “leaks” are once again piquing our interest, allegedly showing the upcoming smartphone, not only in a variety of press renders, but some of the removable back covers that will be available for the device as well. We have to admit, the phone and the “StyleSwap” covers look pretty damn cool. Take a look.

OnePlus One StyleSwap back covers

Design wise, the phone looks very similar with the Oppo Find 7 only the display looks as if it’s floating on the front of the device. An interesting design choice, we’re wondering if this might be in an effort to keep the display from shattering should the phone fall on one of the 4 corners. You’ll see USB cables featuring both micro and Lightning connectors. Only white and black were pictured, but we’re guessing the red “Never Settle” back cover we saw in a previous leak will also be available around launch.

With CynogenMod Inc. on board, it’s strange we see a UI more in tune with Xiaomi’s MIUI than AOSP. It’s possible CM could be loaded for western markets, while that custom UI we’re seeing in the above images is for China.

After taking a good look at the device, what do you think? This is the final puzzle piece as we await the phone’s launch on April 23rd.


[OnePlus BBS Forum | via Android Authority]

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  1. !!!! To celebrate, I’m going to drink lots of beer.

    1. Way ahead of you!

      *starts humping computer screen*

  2. That thing is sexy.. o_O

  3. Oh yessssss. Sexy INDEED.

    1. Beholders ftw!

  4. The buttons are different than the Find 7. The right side shown looks like a power button. The Find 7 has the volume rocker on the right side. Also, this has hardware keys. I thought the 1P1 was supposed to have software keys…

    1. That’s what’s getting me right now. Isn’t it supposed to have onscreen keys? wth is this?

      1. I actually assume that the screenshots of Android running are just mockups and don’t show the actual CM build that the 1+1 will be running.

        EDIT: Nope, nevermind, you’re right, on the big pic of it laying flat, you can see the damned capacitive buttons. Weird. Maybe this points to it not being a legit leak?

        1. I sure hope so. In fact, I remember Steve Kondik posting a screen shot of the device, running Holo-like software with onscreen buttons.

          1. Hmmm, never saw that article. The capacitive buttons do seem to match the image above, too. Hell, I’d be game!

      2. Actually they said it’s going to have both hardware and software keys and you can choose which you would like to use. http://androidandme.com/2014/03/news/oneplus-one-rumored-to-have-choice-of-physical-or-on-screen-buttons/

  5. Reminds me of something…… OPPO Find 7

  6. This phone just keeps getting better.

  7. Looks like the bezeled Oppo 7. SMH, if this is what all the hype was about. WTF on miui too, no CM?

    Honestly I’m kind of disappointed.

    1. its running on CM11S. that’s just a render and we don’t even know if it is real or not.


    nothing to see here, move along.

    i will say, someone has really stepped their troll game up.

  9. What’s the lightning connector for? This phone has the plug for it?

    1. It’s so you can go back to your iPhone when this dies

      1. I’m going back to my S3 if my 1+1 dies. Although you’d be going back in more then one sense if you started using an iPhone (again).

  10. Well, that’s the Moto X+1 made redundant before it’s even launched. They’re probably keeping a leather cover back to announce just before the Moto X+1, ahhahahahahaha

  11. Well if this really is the case, then Nexus 5 for me. Absolutely disappointing. Looking at the measurements it’s not even close to the size of a 5 inch phone.

  12. Thank GOD! I hereby proclaim this leak as “FAKE”. : D Look at the measurements. If the OnePlus were to be 75.9mm wide there’s no way it could get covered up by a Sony Xperia Z1 – you know the picture OnePlus officially shared a few weeks back – which measures in at a width of 74mm.

    1. True.but maybe it didn’t have a cover on when they pit the z1 on top.

    2. Maybe Oneplus mislead us.

    3. Sorry to ruin your day, this is not fake. It’s the real dimension. Check out the official release page or google it.

      1. I know. : ( : ( : (

  13. All along I thought it was smaller than the Xperia Z1. Shucks, I was excited about this phone- until I read 152.9mm length! Talk about FALSE ADVERTISING (they claim that the One plus One is smaller and can hide underneath the Z1). Oh well, here I come Z2 or M8.

    1. No actually if you look at the picture of it under the z1 it doesn’t show the bottom, it cuts off the bottom half… so yes, it could have been real but still be taller.

      1. If longer or taller, then I’ll pass. Their initial marketing pitch is very very misleading. Why? They could’ve done the same with the OPTIMUS VU. Imagine: “underneath this OPTIMUS VU is the new 1+1”. Then the logic remains the same, as the 1+1 is of course no wider than the VU. But 1+1 is definitely a much bigger handset. I rest my case.

  14. I have to admit I like the way the screen sits on top of the front of the phone. Kinda cool. I’m really hoping this thing is a decent size.

  15. So for all the hype about it being compact, it’s actually bigger than the find 7 in every ddimension?

    1. Unfortunately this seems to be true. They even said the phone would fit under the Xperia Z1…meaning it would at least be narrower than the Z1. I hope they are not lying.

    2. If it is I’m not buying it. LG G2 here I come.

  16. Oppo Find 7 2.0. How very original.

    And they want people to WIN an invitation for this for a chance to buy one? LOLLL

    Great work Oneplus One. You failed before you even launched.

    1. People world wide want it, including myself.

  17. Hardware is tempting but the phone looks huge.

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