Apr 16th, 2014

google building ny

It looks like Google could be looking to bring Fiber internet service to their biggest market yet. Places like San Antonio and Kansas City are nothing to sneeze about, but New York is a whole different beast.

A job listing for a “regional sales manager” for Google Fiber in New York, NY could hint toward Google’s latest aspirations. The listing calls for someone who “will manage multiple teams that evangelize Google Fiber services to MDU (multi-dwelling apartments and condos) and large SMB owners.” Neato.

The listing notes all sorts of complicated experience and qualifications that the average Joe may or may not have, but that’s not what’s important. What’s important is that Google is getting so comfortable with their Fiber initiative that they’re looking to go beyond odd markets and expand into mainstream.

We’ve already seen a taste of said initiative with 9 main metro areas being probed for the new high-speed internet service, but this would be the boldest statement Google has made in their campaign to get more people hooked up with insane speeds. Let’s just hope they expand further than Verizon’s been able to do with FiOS over the past few years.

[Google via Geek.com]

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