Samsung HomeSync set-top box available for $99 at Best Buy [DEAL]



Another hot deal is on tap for you folks this morning, with Best Buy putting Samsung’s HomeSync set-top box on sale for $99. That’s a massive price drop from the typical $299.99 it’s offered for. HomeSync hooks up with your Galaxy smartphone or tablet so you can easily upload your photos and video to its 1TB of on-board storage (which you then play back on your TV for the whole family to enjoy).

Many were already of the opinion that HomeSync was overpriced, even if it did come with a whopper of a hard drive. After all, it is just a big box with a simplified TouchWiz interface that allows you to playback photos, video and music.

Unfortunately for Samsung, it’s tough to sell a $300 box when many people have no problem taking to the cloud or using streaming services to get their content over devices like the $35 Chromecast or the $99 Amazon Fire TV (and it also doesn’t help that it doesn’t work with anything but their own devices). Be sure to find it at Best Buy here if you think you can find some use for it.

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Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Tnx, I’m buying it for 99 :)

  2. Does it work with anything else? Have M8 and Samsung Smart Tv. :) I like gadgets lol

    1. I’m pretty sure it only works with Samsung phones (it does work with any TV tho, but it doesn’t have a remote control so if you have no Samsung phone then thus product is (probably) not for you.

    2. Definitely only for Samsung phones. Try the Chromecast for only $35. I highly recommend it

    3. Yes, it works with some non-Samsung phones:

      HTC smartphones : One , ButterFly
      Sony smartphones : Xperia Z , Xperia ZL , Xperia SP
      LG smartphones : Optimus G pro , Nexus4

  3. Not bad considering the internal HDD. I wonder if you could mirror the drive to a 3 or 4 tb. Then it becomes a movie streaming device! I could move every movie I have over to this unit then!


  4. Useless device at any price. If you want the storage get a NAS. There’s plenty of ways to copy files from a smartphone to a NAS, regardless of manufacturer. If it’s the viewing photos and movies on your TV you want, there’s Chromecast (at a third of the price).

  5. Still better to go with Fire TV

  6. Even though I didn’t “need” this, it’s a reason to replace my allshare media cast, as I’ve had more issues with it lately than when initially purchasing. Technically, it also will be able to replace my smart dock, so now I’ll likely pass those off to a relative or sell them.

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