Apr 15th, 2014

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

Quick heads-up for those of you in the market for an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet: the online retailer has them on sale for as low as $119 today. That particular price is for the 8GB Amazon Kindle Fire HD, while another $10 will get you the 16GB model. That’s a savings of $20 and $40, respectively.

The HDX is $30 off across the board, with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models coming in at $199, $239, and $279, respectively. The 8.9-inch HDX model is slashed $40 across the board, with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB running you $339, $389, and $439, respectively.

All prices are for Kindles w/ offers, meaning Amazon will give you ideas on apps, books, games, movies and music to buy whenever you look at your lock-screen. These prices are also for the WiFi-only models.

You’ll want to check out Amazon’s site for the full price listing if you prefer to buy one without offers and with some form of 4G LTE connectivity inside. Be quick about it, though, because these sales will only last for a limited time.