Verizon announces plan savings for month-to-month customers to jump to MORE Everything


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Verizon Wireless is announcing some new plan savings for those who still happen to be on month-to-month plans (read: those hanging onto their unlimited data for dear life). Starting April 17th, existing customers still on month-to-month contracts can get $10 or $25 off their monthly service by moving to Verizon’s MORE Everything plan. Here’s how you know which savings you’ll be entitled to:

  • Plans 8GB or below = Add a smartphone for $30 ($10 in savings over current rates)
  • Plans 10GB or higher = Add a smartphone for $15 ($25 in savings over current rates)

And it’s as simple as that. New customers bringing a Verizon-compatible phone they already own or jumping onto an Edge plan are also entitled to these savings. It’s not quite the flat rate that T-Mobile provides under their Simple Choice plans, but it’s a start.

So, customers who choose a MORE Everything plan with 10 GB of data and four smartphones, either on Edge, moved from month-to-month contracts, or brought to the Verizon Wireless network, will pay $160 month for service and access.

Unfortunately Verizon says this will only be available for a limited time, so you’ll want to take advantage as soon as possible once the floodgates open this Thursday. Existing customers will be able to login to their MyVerizon account and make necessary plan changes to get the savings they desire, so be sure to take care of that if you’re already currently eligible for the upcoming deal.

[via Verizon]

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  1. I still don’t think its worth it.

  2. Bring the unlimited back at least on the primary line and we will talk Verizon

  3. I have 1 of 4 lines that’s unlimited, yet i am not month to month, still on 2 year contracts (all 4 contracts renew whenever you replace a subsidized phone), If i pay full price for my phone on the unlimited line they say I can still keep my unlimited, I don’t think this would actually save me any money. I used to use tons of data when lte first came out because the 12-20mbps i got was faster than my home/work wifi, but now i only get 2-5mbps on lte, so my 15-18mbps home is faster.

  4. Ill keep my Unlimited ….

  5. Just ordered an S5 from T-Mobile. Even with the new phone, my T-Mobile account will be almost half the price of my Verizon account with grandfathered unlimited data.

  6. I’m keeping the unlimited because I don’t want to worry about data use. I pay way too much (even with corporate discount on primary line) but Big Red is the only carrier with decent coverage in my area.

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