HTC One (M7) receiving Sense 6.0 update in May


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After successfully launching the HTC One M8 across multiple carriers in the US last week, don’t think for a second that HTC has forgotten about current customers of their previous flagship. Taking to his Twitter account, HTC President of the US reminded owners of the original HTC One (the M7) that the device would soon be receiving its update to Sense 6.0, as early as the end of May.

So exactly what makes Sense 6 so special? Well, aside from HTC further refining the user experience by taking away some of the clutter and making the UI even more “flat” in appearance, other features include the ability to pause video while recording (a la Vine), new Sense color themes, and a timeline view in the gallery.

Overall, it’s a worthwhile update, and one current HTC One owners should be excited about receiving in the near future. Let’s not forget that HTC recently dropped a few Sense 6 apps into the Play Store (BlinkFeed, Sense TV, and their Zoe camera app) which should find themselves suddenly compatible with the OG HTC One upon receiving its update to the latest version of Sense.

We should note that the timeline given by HTC is more than likely in reference to the unlocked/Developer Edition HTC One models — not carrier versions found in the US. Because major software updates always require carrier certification before they’re pushed out to consumers’ devices, expect a slight delay before you see Sense 6 hitting your AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon HTC One. We’ll be keeping a close eye on HTC’s software update page for any changes.


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  1. ill believe it when i see it ……i really want that battery saver thing on my one

  2. The end of May couldn’t be any more further away from today.

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