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Tomorrow at 6am Pacific, Google will open the flood gates for one day only and allow any US resident 18 and older to buy Google Glass for $1,500. Unlike previous Glass Explorers, you won’t need a special invite email or special code from Google. All you’ll need to do is point your web browser over to the official ordering page to purchase Google’s wearable computer while supplies last. That’s it.

While Glass will be purchasable by anyone meeting the above qualifications, you should know that this isn’t a public launch for Glass. The product is still in beta stages and currently evolving. Those that buy Glass tomorrow will be joining the tens of thousands already part of the Glass Explorer program and will continue to “beta test” the product while the rest of the world awaits the final consumer version.

Should you buy Glass? I can’t answer that for you. I’ve been a Glass Explorer since the 4th of July last summer. I wear Glass everywhere. If I’m not at home, I’m wearing my Glass. I enjoy being an early adopter and love helping shape and grow a brand new platform for a  entirely new era. I’m also a tech geek and I eat this sort of thing up. What are some of the things I use Glass for? Here’s a recent post of mine on Google+. The bottom line is, I love Glass, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

While Glass has changed a lot over the past year, adding more functionality, gaining more apps, and extending battery life, a lot of the core concepts are still the same. Before making your final purchase decision tomorrow, check out our original Glass review here and feel free to ask in the comments as many of us from Phandroid own Glass.

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  1. If you can call a tiny drip a flood.
    $1500 ROFLMMPMP

  2. *tumbleweed blows by*

    1. Dude. The ladies LOVE the Glass. Trust me. You should wear yours more often.

  3. I am liking Glass more and more every day… so use to it that it’s weird without it. The problem is the price obviously… but even at half the current price, I am not sure if consumers would pay even that much.

    I hope lots sell… the more Glass Explorers the better Glass becomes for me.

    1. The biggest hurdle is price. It’s amazing technology. Out of the thousands that I’ve let try on and use my Glass, I can’t think of one that wasn’t in amazement or said “when can I buy one”.

      1. Price is a big issue, though one presumes that $1500 is Google’s way of turning away people who aren’t serious about the device. From a technical perspective, the really weak battery is probably the biggest issue that comes to mind.

        1. Battery has improved a great deal since last year. Mine easily lasts through the day with battery to spare now.

  4. not available for canadians // too expensive.

    at $300, I’d consider heavily. would be useful for me as a teacher and for driving. I wouldn’t wear it in other situations I can think of. perhaps navigating (by foot/bus/train) a new place.

    1. I spoke at a teaching and learning symposium recently about Glass. Many educators were interested in using Glass in the classroom.

      1. I’m really interested – just not in spending $1500 of my own money :D I teach in a French Immersion program (although on the English/Math/IT side) and the options for the French Language teachers are myriad (especially in French Oral – insert joke here)

        1. Interestingly enough, a few Spanish professors were interested in Glass for the Translate app, which, if you’re not familiar, translates words or phrases Glass sees right on the heads up display.

  5. I’d probably think very seriously about buying it if it was $1000 and wouldn’t think twice if it was $500. fifteen hundred is just too much for my budget as much as I want one.

  6. USA only is just plain stupid.

    1. Now you know how we feel when the rest of the world gets the newest phones first.

      1. The rest of the world should always come befdoe the USA

      2. No I don’t know how it feels because Australia always gets things last whereas USA gets everything before us. Not to mention everything is overpriced when they get here.

  7. If i only have 1,500$ yes but GOOGLE should at least please release a consumer price like 500-700$?

    1. I read somewhere that they gonna release it for $650 lol

  8. If it’s hard to sell a smartwatch for 200 bucks……….

  9. How do I buy a pair of Google Glass in the UK, for a reasonable price?

    1. Ebay in a few months maybe. Who would be crazy enough to resell Glass, though?

    2. If you are outside of the US, you can purchase a pair of Google Glass from here http://www.googleglass-buy.com for a reasonable price. It cost me $1900 (with a $300 off coupon code) to get Glass right to my door in London.

  10. if it was open for anyone when it was announced, I would have bought a pair day one, since I was about to become a dad. Now almost 2 years later, I still want it, but it isn’t worth the premium given that it is overdue for a hardware refresh (that or Google will abandon it). Either way, it is no longer justifiable at the high sticker price.

    Same thing has kept me from buying an oculus rift, I know that once I buy it, the consumer / retail version will be announced at a cheaper price point with better specs.

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