Apr 14th, 2014

Teak Motorola Moto X

While you were enjoying your Sunday BBQ, the man that is @evleaks was busy hand delivering his usual leaks onto the net. His latest? More (alleged) details on the rumored Motorola Moto X+1, the upcoming Motorola Moto X sequel we told you guys about a few weeks ago. This time around, it looks like Motorola might introduce new materials for customers to choose when customizing a smartphone on their site.


Mr. Leaks provided a list of the available back covers to be found and while the usual colors made a return (along with wood), you’ll notice the addition of new leather options as well. We’re guessing these will look similar to back covers Samsung has been crazy about as of late (aka S Leather), although given Motorola’s history of using authentic wood back covers, these leather backs could feature real animal hide. Because… save the rainforests and all that.

As we approach the summer time (when the Moto X+1 is said to makes its official debut) we couldn’t be more excited. Many Android “spec whores fans” scoffed at the Moto X’s focus on software features over the higher end specs found on rival OEMs’ devices. With leather making the line up, we can’t help but wonder if Motorola will eventually introduce new materials to keep things fresh. Aluminum perhaps? Glass (please, no). What would you guys like to see on a Moto X+1?


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