HTC One M8 now available in-store nationwide



Waiting for the HTC One M8 to head to physical retail before opting to pick one up? You’ll be pleased to know you won’t have to be a Verizon customer to be able to do that now, with HTC announcing nationwide in-store availability for all carriers starting today.

Starting at just $199.99, the HTC One M8 brings a pretty worthy upgrade over a 2013 smartphone that wasn’t bad to begin with. Its specs feature a Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 5-inch 1080p display and more. You can get deep and intimate with it by reading our HTC One M8 review if you haven’t already.

If you decide you want to rush to the store and buy one, don’t forget to watch our comprehensive HTC One M8 tips and tricks video. It’ll give you over 35 small, but important things you can do to tweak the experience exactly how you like. Let us know if you’ll be skipping into your local carrier’s store to order one whenever you free up some time today.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Calling local corporate T-Mobile store for availability now.THX!

  2. Tmobile too? Who am I kidding?…*sigh*

    1. Talked to a corp. store rep yesterday.They said Friday,but,that mighta got bumped up a day.

      No one is answering @ the local store,perhaps they’re busy…………


      The HTC link to T-MOBILE sign-up still says APRIL 11………

      1. I’m sure theyre(Tmobile) more concerned with their GS5 launch seeing as they’ve had preorder forms for it on their website since February….And just registrations for product availability for the M8. And GS5 launching same day as the M8 on Tmobile. No, certainly nothing to see here. I smell a rat.

        1. Probably right.Not sure when T-MOBILE gave up on the M7,but,it’s been off of their website for quite a while now…..
          Heck,I even managed to get one (M7) from BEST BUY via a fluke 1-day link via T-MO NEWS before the local stores (including corporate) had even heard a peep regarding availability.

  3. For the T-Mobile crowd:

    I’m sure HTC didn’t want to dampen the tone of the tweet with an “except T-MOBILE” disclaimer:

    It’s just one more day,no problem…..

    1. Dude!! I was about to hop off the bus and make a quick pit stop. LoL!! Thank you for this.

      1. No problem my man.Was gonna leave damp laundry in the wash myself….

        1. I can only imagine all the things people were going to leave behind after finding out this announcement.

          1. Still less obsessed than iSheep. Yeah for Android!

          2. Yeah,I think I draw the line a good distance from standing in-line/camping out for a phone (for multiple days) on opening day…….

    2. True. I just hate to see this device get overshadowed again though. And it will be, launching the same day as the GS5. But I’ll be doing my part and helping to support the product line. I’m getting an M8 tomorrow.

      1. As long as T-MO keeps up the (recent) software/firmware update momentum (in conjunction w/HTC),they can utilize their remaining resources to any crazy a** thing they wish……

        I’ll see ya tomorrow,drop in on the (M8) forum,if you haven’t already…….

  4. DAT GPE doe.. That phone is very tempting!

    1. The bad thing is it doesn’t support T-Mobile LTE. It’s a good thing Phandroid told us how to get the carrier versions to GPe status.

      1. Why wouldnt the ONE m8 GPE support T-Mobile LTE. I have an M7 GPE and its supported.

        1. It’s what I’ve been reading thus far. It’s crazy talk I hope, but the listing doesn’t specify the necessary bands. I think what people are misinterpreting is that it does not support the new 700 band. Up until M8 releases for T-Mobile we won’t be able to compare band specifications.

        2. Here you go. http://androidcommunity.com/htc-one-m8-google-play-edition-initial-hands-on-20140408/

          “The handset supports AT&T and T-Mobile, however those looking to use LTE will want to be looking towards AT&T as there is only support for 700MHz AWS.”

  5. Might as well get an m7, I compared the two and didn’t really see much difference. You guys will really be disappointed with the camera unfortunately. I was really hoping to buy this phone on launch but it’s just so bad.

    1. I already have the M7. And I’ve seen the image quality comparisons between the two. M8 is an improvement. The M7and M8 have a learning curve to them. I’m aware of it and pretty much know both devices can take great pics. Camera is a non issue for me. I like it. And Iike the one on my M7. The cameras in these two devices arent bad for what they’re designed for. Social media sharing. Without getting into a debate about it some people will like the cameras and some wont. Its not for everyone, but there are some like me that have made it work for them and thats enough in my book. Get what you like.

    2. Lets see, bigger screen, bigger battery, faster processor, a boatload of new features and advancements and you say you dont “really see much difference” Wow ! are you biased or what.

      1. That’s like going from an iPhone 5 to a 5s. Small improvements.

    3. I had the M7 and bought the M8 right out the gate. Having used both i can say hands down the M8 is a nicer more refined device. Reading about the phone doesn’t do it justice. Sure the mp count on the cameras are the same but hands down I get better results from the m8. I own a 5d mkiii and a 7d while I’m no professional I know enough to tell a significant difference. Shutter speed and shutter lag is vastly improved. It goes beyond the camera though. The finish, they way sense works, how smooth the whole device feels, software and tactile wise makes the M8 device just plain better. You would expect that though.

      Now at the end of the day you have to decide yourself what you want and what your willing to pay. For me, I’m very happy with my decision to purchase and I loved my M7.

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