Google I/O 2014 registration window pushed to April 15th-18th



Were you thinking of waking up early this morning to get your registration in for Google I/O? Well, you can hit that snooze button and get yourself a few more Zs, as that wont be happening for another week or so. Google has announced that Google I/O registration has been pushed back a week — it’s now April 15th through the 18th.

The reasoning was that they simply wanted to take more time to make sure the registration process is easier for you. Hopefully some of that time is dedicated to making sure the servers stand up to the test of tons of eager developers wanting to get their names into the hat.

Selection for attendance will still be completely random, so there will be no rush to the finish line. Simply get your registration in during the stated window, and wait to see if you’re eventually selected.

If you are, you’ll receive an email with further ticket purchase instructions. If you aren’t, well, better luck next year (because if the past couple of years tell us anything, it’s that you won’t be able to find someone offloading their ticket for outrageous amounts on eBay). Set your calendars and go back to sleep, folks.

[via Google+]

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