Apr 8th, 2014


The Samsung Gear Fit’s wide landscape aspect ratio doesn’t work well with the natural orientation of your wrist when you’re looking at the watch. The watch appears in portrait mode with the “traditional” way, but the software doesn’t adjust accordingly… until today.

A new software upgrade will soon be delivered that will allow you to enable a portrait mode to get a look at your time, weather, fitness and life without having to twist your neck or wrist in weird ways. Each app will be tweaked to have appropriate user interface layouts for both modes, so nothing should be weird about it once it finally lands.

We’re not sure if Samsung is planning on delivering this as a day one update once the Gear Fit launches with the rest of the family April 11th, but if it doesn’t then we imagine it wouldn’t be long. Just be sure to keep in mind the fact that it may or may not be ready by the time it ships this Friday whenever you’re deciding whether or not to buy it.

[via SamMobile]

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