Apr 4th, 2014

Yay, numbers! The latest ones from ComScore are here, giving us a look at mobile smartphone market share in the United States for the three months ending February 2014. Not a whole lot has changed in the trends here, folks: Android still beat out its competitors by commanding 52.1% of the smartphone market share.

comscore feb 2014 platforms

Over half is good, even if only by a little bit, but clawing at their heels are Apple at 41.3%. The quarter-over-quarter increases for both platforms are pretty minuscule, but perhaps things will get a bit more heated this Spring and Summer with big hitters like the HTC One M8 out and the Samsung Galaxy S5 on the way soon.

Rounding out the list at the absolute bottom are Blackberry at 2.9%, Microsoft at 3.5%, and Symbian at a mere 0.2% (which we’re not even sure is enough to be considered life support at this point).

Apple’s trailing platform market share probably doesn’t sting much, though, considering the Cupertino company is sitting on top of the totem pole when it comes to their dual status as a hardware manufacturer. Their aforementioned 41.3% beat out their closest competitor Samsung, who commanded a respectable 27%. LG, Motorola, and HTC were responsible for 6.8%, 6.3%, and 5.4%, respectably.

comscore feb 2014 oems

And that’s the breakdown, folks. There wasn’t much movement aside from Blackberry suffering even more devastation and Microsoft improving their standings. We also tip our hats to Samsung, who was able to increase their percentage a tad despite not coming out with a flagship smartphone for a while.

Like we said before, though — Spring is here, Summer is quickly approaching, and things are about to get really interesting really fast. It’ll be interesting to see how these numbers are looking just another few short months from now. Head to the source for the full breakdown!

[via ComScore]

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