Apr 3rd, 2014


Heads up, SwiftKey fans: a new upgrade has just hit Google Play and is waiting for your grubby little fingers. Those of you in the beta might have already gotten a taste of what this upgrade brings, which are new personalization options from both Evernote and Google+.

Personalization will allow SwiftKey to analyze the data from notes you’ve made or statuses you’ve posted, and use that to dynamically and automatically add uncommon words to your user dictionary (because having to input all that stuff by hand is an absolute pain). It’s there if you need it, and out of the way if you don’t. You should note that SwiftKey won’t pull words from any Google+ posts if they haven’t been posted publicly.

The rest of the recipe consists of a couple quick pinches of bug fixes and performance enhancements, but this soup is otherwise ready to be served. Have at it over at the Google Play Store.