Here’s our first look at the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom



There must be people buying these “Zoom” variants Samsung is making, as yet another one has sprouted up in newly-leaked photos. Samsung is apparently readying the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom, which doesn’t sound to be too close to the Galaxy S5 internally, especially in one glaring area — the camera.

Onboard is said to be a 20 megapixel sensor with 10x optical zoom, and a Xenon flash. The 20 megapixels are 4 more than the predecessor enjoyed, but there’s no word if there have been any other improvements made to the sensor to improve image quality.

Under the hood phone-wise? Here are the early specs said to be coming along for the ride:

  • 4.8-inch display with HD resolution (720p?)
  • 1.6GHz quad-core CPU or 1.3GHz Samsung Exynos 5 Hexa
  • 2GB of RAM
  • Android 4.4.2 KitKAt
  • NFC

The source also mentions it’s “much thinner and lighter” than the Galaxy S4 Zoom, and that the camera sensor is more flush within the device’s housing. Not much else is known about it beyond that, though it does appear Samsung will be returning to the fake leather routine they’ve been enjoying as of late.

While bite-sized camera modules inside most smartphones are beginning to improve to a point where they can somewhat rival entry-level DSLRs, there’s nothing quite like having a meaty sensor on the back of your phone. If that’s your thing then you’ll want to make plans to grab one of these whenever it eventually arrives later this year.

[via KZoom]

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  1. I would actually pay the money to have something like this with high-end specs.

    1. i’d like to see a note zoom.
      high-end specs, good camera, and stylus in 1 device.

      a stylus is really useful for more advanced photo editing using photoshop.

      1. if it’s not the size of a brick I think this might actually sell.

    2. Same here. Give me S5 specs along with that camera and I might be interested.

    3. Really? Carrying a pocket super zoom to compliment your P&S inside your mobile phone is too much? Just seems that any photography demands outside of the capabilities of your phone deserves a dedicated camera.

      1. I completely understand your point of view. I just like the idea of being able to limit the amount of tools you need. It’s things like this that make phones that much closer to being able to replace an actual camera.

        It’s more of a hipster reason right now, I won’t lie. LoL!!

        1. Ha! Well if your always snapping images that don’t require the sharpest quality then I can understand not wanting to carry an additional device. Snap away friend.

  2. Its always nice to see better cameras on cellphones but thus far NOTHING comes close to a large sensor point & shoot / DSLR (for the quality of images) and probably never will…

    Camera manufacturers are always improving the quality of their products year after year.. Sure there’s always the average cellphone user who’ll always use his / her camera to take photos but for photographers & enthusiasts there is simply nothing on the market which can replace their camera.

  3. This is the most pleasant Comment conversation I’ve ever read. No one even took this opportunity to swear at VZW. Well done, Gentlemen!

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