HTC One M8 Developer Edition $50 off until midnight, here’s a behind the scenes look at designing the phone [VIDEO]



Just a heads up for those unaware, HTC is currently offering the HTC One M8 Developer Edition at a discounted promotional price. Normally $700, it’s been marked down to $650 to celebrate the phones release. HTC reminded us via their Twitter page that the $50-off pricing will only be good until midnight (PST). After that, the phone wont turn into a pumpkin, but it will run you slightly more.

So why pick up the One M8 Developer Edition over the model you’ll find at your local carrier store? Well, for starters, the phone receives updates directly from HTC — not your carrier. Without the need for carrier approval, the One M8 DE will in many cases receive software updates months ahead of carrier release. We saw this with last year’s HTC One which received an update to Android 4.4 KitKat barely a week after the Nexus 4 and Google Play edition devices. Yeah, that’s fast.

Buy the HTC One Developer Edition $650

There’s no denying the One M8 is one of the most gorgeous smartphones to date. If you were curious to see just how serious HTC was about making the phone (nearly) perfect, we leave you with their newly uploaded behind the scenes video. Enjoy.


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  1. Nice video. I’ll be picking up my M8 from T-Mobile next week :D

  2. Sweet but not in the market for a new device I will be considering next years model though or the nexus 6

  3. Free overnight shipping also. Although the HTC website says delivery in 1-2 weeks, the LET’S TALK CSR said they got a shipment of Developers Edition units in on Tuesday.

    However, she wasn’t sure if there were enough for immediate delivery, as those who ordered previously will get priority over those taking advantage of the deal today.

    Sux for residents of CA, TX, IL, as those are the only 3 states that’ll be paying sales tax.

  4. Does it have the same bands as the one for T-Mobile?

    1. I don’t think it’s a perfect match for T-Mobile (USA).

      Looks like it’s missing the 1700 band. I believe that affects 3G. Don’t quote me on that though.

      I asked the same in the T-Mobile forum regarding the GPE HTC ONE M8 & haven’t heard anything…..

      That’s why I’d probably go the AMAZON route. If you find its not 100% compatible,the return & refund process is virtually hassle-free. (less a nominal restocking fee)

    2. No, it’s essentially an unbranded AT&T model.

  5. That’s all nice and fine, but practically they haven’t invented anything groundbreaking regarding the design. My 4 year old HTC Desire HD has a metal body that “curves around to the display” or whatever they said in the video. Of course the quality on mine is crap compared to the M8. Still, I have to admit the M8 is One beautiful device. : )

  6. Good news! The HTC M8 rocks.

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