Watch the Samsung Galaxy S5 get run over by an SUV [VIDEO]


Samsung Galaxy S5 drop test

With the reverence we pay to Android and the hardware it runs on, we have to say videos like this are never easy for us. From the folks that destroyed the HTC One M8 on video a few weeks back, now comes the Samsung Galaxy S5 drop/running-it-over-with-an-SUV test.

Built largely out of plastic, Samsung has long been criticized for building devices with “cheap” plastic build quality. But could there be a method to their madness? The folks at TechSmartt decided to do what most would never do willingly, putting the Samsung Galaxy S5 (and Galaxy S4) through a series of “drop tests,” just to see how well it’d fare. The outcome may surprise many of you.

We should note, drop tests are nothing near scientific, and are more or less subject to random chance (depending on the angle the phone hits the ground). Still, it’s worth watching, if for nothing else than to see what happens when you run over the S5 with your mom’s Audi Q7. Video below.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Seriously, what is the point of these type of videos????

    1. they get views… views = google money


    2. There’s a lot happening that seems pointless. However, there are some that find this entertaining. Some people just like to see things get destroyed.

      Question there way of thought? No. Is it odd? Could be to you. But I just accept these kinda things. I may point out that I find it odd, but I don’t think they shouldn’t exist.

      Though, I think this video is pointless. LoL!!

      1. Same reason I don’t watch Reality TV programming: Pointless/unentertaining/humorless.

        Animation Domination/CN/CC FTW….

        1. Pfft reality TV is where all the drama is atttt

          1. What would make for real good “Reality TV” drama:

            Run over the jerks who make these videos w/an SUV…….

    3. “Hehe, hehe, cool. Broken glass, hehe, hehe…”

  2. As someone who actively develops for their device’s community, and would love to have the opportunity to develop for more, crap like this really annoys me. It showcases the typical ignorance and greed that run rampant throughout our society. Rather than donate it to one of the many people around the world who might actually be able to do something positive with it that could benefit the entire community, they needlessly destroy it for the lolz so they can try to make a few bucks on ad revenue. Typical short-sighted, narrow-minded bs.

    1. ….and then they hold a contest to give one away. idk why everybody is getting their damn panties in a twist; drop tests are nothing new, and will be a part of tech news for a long time. i think you have much better things to worry about in life rather than what someone does with their own device.

    2. why are you so free with other peoples time, property and money?

  3. Definitely a good education for those interested in picking this phone up. I tell ya, between this drop test, the ingress protection rating (water/dust), the best rated screen test EVER from DisplayMate, the Isocell camera that actually functions insanely well at night on full auto, and all of the other goodies Samsung gave this thing (MicroSD, removable battery, IR Blaster, etc.)…This isn’t just another flagship phone. It’s definitely contender for best phone ever up to this point in our lives. Even Qi charging will be available as an optional accessory. And, if you hate TouchWiz, remember, the GP edition gets you all of this goodness with Vanilla Android. Regardless of what you’re looking for, it’s a total win.

    1. Hopefully they keep the full quality of the camera this time in the gpe edition would also be cool if there’s a payment plan for it. Hard to justify a lump sum of $600 for a new phone I don’t “need.”

  4. DO NOT WATCH! These are stupid videos to attract stupid people to get view count and the stupid author get a cut from YouTube.

    1. This is true. But like those stupid prank videos on YouTube, I watch ’em every time :/

    2. They only get “a cut” if people see/view the ads for a certain amount of time. They likely don’t make the money you think, compared to say, a musician or other very high traffic videos.

  5. I’d like to see this done with the new HTC One, and find out just how superior its build quality really is :P

      1. Impressive :)

      2. It really looks like the glass has several fractures at the 2:44 mark on the M8 in the bottom left after the head-height drop. I guess it’s good news that they didn’t spread with the ensuing drops!

  6. Hey I have a Q7 :)

  7. S5 is a beast!

    They should have put the screen facing down for the car test.

  8. Most of you would hate this guy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daN9wjprpLw
    S5 I am sure is right around the corner as well as the HTC M8. He does every popular tech gadget.

  9. I’m glad he did the count down so that I didn’t miss any of the drops…

  10. I don’t think its possible to perform a test comparison less effectively than this guy. What a waste of time. The only thing this video teaches is how Not to compare 2 phones in a durability test. It was fun to watch him count to three though.

  11. Great video guys! S5 is awesome!

  12. I’ve dropped my S3 more times than I can count, it’s help up like a champ.

  13. Well, im glad the S5 can stand up so well. I had to call Sprint to get a replacement because my phone developed some sorta white and greenish rust like material inside the phone. As well as i woke up one morning and the screen was cracked. The phone was found on my carpet of my room. Not even a 4 foot drop. 200$ to get it replaced. I should not have even got insurance for how much i had to pay to get it replaced..

    1. The S5 isn’t even out yet for Sprint. How’d you have to get it replaced?

  14. If you’re gonna run over a Samsung Galaxy S5 with an Audi, why not use an Audi S5?

  15. I have dropped my s3 so man times and the only things that has happened is that the corner is slighty cracked. I am a avid samsung fan and i support them all the way. I was going to get samsung halaxy s5 anyway but now that you have demostrated how strong it is, it is better to get it.

  16. woww

  17. love the car test….

  18. Love watching the video because it deals with real life situations. My wife dropped her S4 and it cracked on the corner. I told her several time to put the phone in her pocket but at times being a teacher she carries multiple items and being a mom is in a hurry and does not put the phone away. This I imagine is how she broke her S4. Thanks for testing both phones as I would like to get my wife an S5 to replace her S4. Seems as if the Gorilla glass maybe better or the shell design might be better in protecting the screen. Maybe it’s mom and teacher proof. Plan on going down next week to check out the S5. Might get two. Again thanks Tech Smart for the informative videos. Keep it up and we’ll keep watching. Thanks.
    Oh and one last thing my son was carrying his S3 and needless to say dropped it under the tire of my Ridgeline truck. The screen completely shattered hen I backed up a foot even with an Otter box on it.

  19. I have to say it. These tests are *NEVER* accurate. These drops are all based on chance. I know people who have dropped phones a thousand times and never broken. And I know of other people who’ve dropped their phone once on the wrong angle and it’s completely smashed.

  20. Great video, its nice to know they’ve improved the design to make it much sturdier.

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