Google Keep update adds a splash of color, trash section, and new sidebar menu


Google Keep update April 2014

Okay, looks like we’re starting to get a clearer picture of where Google is planning on taking the UI of their apps and services. Earlier today, we saw a few leaked screenshots from an upcoming Gmail update that introduced a splash of color into the UI.

Now, in an update to Google Keep, we’re seeing some of that color in Google’s note taking app. Besides the slight UI tweaks, users can expect a new trash can for retrieving discarded notes (they’re only stored temporarily). This should help recover those notes you threw away on accident.

Also new is the ability to search for text in pictures, which should make searching for those long lost memes a bit easier. The sidebar menu also gets a few new additions, but what are you waiting for? Download or update the Google Keep app from the Google Play Store below.

Download/update on Google Play: Google Keep

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  1. just let me share!

    1. Same here. I should be able to collaborate with other Google users on simple notes, like a grocery list for myself and my wife. I’ve be trying other alternatives, and Microsoft’s new One Note (free) has been so-so. Also trying out “Our Groceries” and “Out of Milk.”

      1. I use Our Groceries, generally pretty happy with it

      2. Just use google docs. We have a single document that is stared, I have a shortcut to it on my background. My wife can update on her iPhone and I can see/edit it on my HTC.

        1. A valid suggestion. I’ve tried it, and it’s nowhere near as elegant a solution as the other options I’ve tried, to include One Note.

          1. Ummm… you haven’t heard of Evernote have you? :)

          2. Possibly overkill for what he’s looking for. Keep is nice and simple.

          3. Evernote won’t work for what I need. The free version doesn’t allow for collaboration. You have to use Evernote Premium for that, which is $5/month per user, or $45/year per user. I’d be paying $90/year for my wife and I to share a grocery list. Microsoft One Note does it for free.

            I’m using “Our Groceries” now and it seems to be ideal. It has proper collaboration, unlike One Note, which only syncs after the fact.

          4. “Our Groceries” is pretty good and pretty much instantaneous sync. You’ll notice this when you are in the supermarket and your adds more items that she forgot after you’ve crossed off others. Most likely right before you get in the checkout line.

          5. I’m not sure what you mean… I only have the “free” version, yet I can make a note and share it with someone else and they can edit it on their device. No issues whatsoever.

          6. I just downloaded to try it out. It won’t let me do that. And then I check their support topics and forums, and they confirm that while you can share notes to view on the free version, in order to edit, both parties must be premium users.

            I suppose that I could get around this simply by having my wife download Evernote and use “my” account, and therefore, we could be editing off the same account. But guess what? That works on Google Keep as well (that’s what we did in the first place).

            Also, not liking the usage allowance on free or premium (but VERY restricting on free). Microsoft One Note has some nice advantages over Evernote (though EN is prettier).

          7. Correction: Only one account needs to be premium. Here it is straight from Evernote’s guide:

            “Evernote allows both free and premium users to share notebooks privately with other Evernote users. Notebooks shared by premium users have the option of being editable by the users with whom the notebook is shared. In other words, if Bob the premium user shares a notebook with Fred the free user, Bob may choose to allow Fred to edit the contents of his shared notebook.”

            Free to free sharing and editing is not allowed in Evernote.

          8. Ummmm … using Evernote for a simple grocery list is like smashing a cockroach with a steamroller. It works, but it’s overkill.

  2. No updates here yet on S3.

  3. This would be a welcomed update, sounds nice.

  4. According to Google Play, latest update 4/2/14. Says I am up to date. But I don’t see anything different. I am on 4.2.2 so maybe this new UI is KitKat only?

    1. Its the same for me, I think the roll out of app updates are often regional as I frequently see stories like this about app updates I don’t get for 12 to 24 hours. Just as well we are all so patient :)

      1. That must be what it is, because I just noticed that Google Play Newstand and Google Play Movies have been updated with the new UI on my phone….

  5. Note sharing. With that, it would be one of the most useful apps on my phone. Without it, it’s not nearly as useful as a dozen other notetaking apps.

    It would also be nice if they fleshed out the Google Drive integration, which could charitably be called “half-assed.”

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