Apr 2nd, 2014

Google Keep update April 2014

Okay, looks like we’re starting to get a clearer picture of where Google is planning on taking the UI of their apps and services. Earlier today, we saw a few leaked screenshots from an upcoming Gmail update that introduced a splash of color into the UI.

Now, in an update to Google Keep, we’re seeing some of that color in Google’s note taking app. Besides the slight UI tweaks, users can expect a new trash can for retrieving discarded notes (they’re only stored temporarily). This should help recover those notes you threw away on accident.

Also new is the ability to search for text in pictures, which should make searching for those long lost memes a bit easier. The sidebar menu also gets a few new additions, but what are you waiting for? Download or update the Google Keep app from the Google Play Store below.

Download/update on Google Play: Google Keep

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