Humble Bundle PC and Android 9 is live, offers 6 great DRM-free games for charity


Humble Bundle PC Android 9

Hope you’ve been setting some change aside, because it’s time for another Humble Bundle deal. This time around we have the Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9, a collection of DRM-free games that will not only work on your Android device, but have PC/Mac/Linux versions available for your desktop or laptop computer. Yeah, this is going to be really hard to resist. Let’s take a look at the lineup, a $21.68 value.

Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9

Beat the average to unlock:

For those that have downloaded the Humble Bundle Android app, simply sign in on the website and download your games from the app. There, they’ll all be stored along with your previous purchases, so you can always return and reinstall should you run low on memory. Have fun!

[Humble Bundle]

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  1. The Humble Bundle is always amazing. No lie, I got it just for that bridge creating game. I like those kinda games.

    I’ll probably play the other ones on my laptop when I’m bored or something.

  2. When I buy the Humble Bundle I’m guessing I just receive the APKs? Are the titles added to my Google Play account?

    1. No, you can the Humble Bundle app found on the Play Store to keep your Android Humble Bundles up to date.

  3. Paid one cent , feel like Ebenezer Scrooge now

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