Apr 1st, 2014


We’ve known about Google’s plans to overhaul the stock Android camera app for awhile now. Back in November, the code for a new camera API began appearing in Android code but for one reason or another, was scrapped just before the release of KitKat. Eventually, Google came clean about these new APIs, saying that developers would soon to be able to build apps with RAW image support and burst shooting.

Today, it looks like we’re finally getting some new info on exactly what Google is planning for their upcoming stock camera app, with the folks at Engadget revealing some juicy new details. It appears that the application will feature a completely new UI and although it wasn’t mentioned, we’re hoping Google’s finally done away with that awful slide menu system introduced in Android 4.3. Google seems to have also figured out the cropped viewfinder, replaced with one that now shows 100% of the image so you know what to expect before you take the shot.

Aside from adding new imaging features like a “background-blurring effect” ala HTC One M8, Google has also improved the resolution of panorama and PhotoSphere modes as well. Because Google will also be introducing new camera APIs for developers, Android devs will be able to add their own filters/effects into the camera app.

Probably the best news is we may not even have to wait until Android 4.4.3 rolls out to get our hands on the improved application. Like Google’s been doing so well lately, Google will make the camera a standalone app provided in the Google Play Store. This way Android users who aren’t using a Nexus device can still partake in Google’s fruit. We can’t wait.

Recently Android users running Android 4.4.2 KitKat were complaining of a battery drain bug caused by a combination of the camera app and Qualcomm’s imaging chip not playing nice with one another. Google confirmed the bug, and we expect everything to be patched up in the Android 4.4.3 update that’s been making the rounds.