Android 4.4.3 starts making the rounds, said to fix battery draining bug



Ever since that nasty 4.4.2 battery draining camera bug began rearing its ugly head, we knew Google’s plans to soon release an update dealing with it. After Android 4.4.3 was spotted making the rounds, it looks like that could be sooner rather than later. The folks at the TuttoAndroid made the discovery today, after coming across the new firmware after it was logged accessing another site.


The new build — said to be KTU72B — was further confirmed by Llabtoofer, a popular Android dev known for regularly obtaining leaked Android builds. Still under testing, Llabtoofer mentions it will more than likely fix that 4.4.2 camera bug, with Mike1986_ on Twitter (another Android dev) mentioning that changes will be small, and that it should be arriving relatively soon.

In case you were hoping a completely overhauled camera app would find itself added to the mix, it’s not likely. Because there’s no such thing as perfect, is there anything you would have liked to have seen Google address in Android 4.4.3 (besides the battery draining bug)?

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  1. The mic issue while recording video. I had no idea until it was pointed out on some blog, now I never record video because it is so annoying. I *hope* this was also fixed, but all the press seems to be focusing on the battery issue–which I haven’t had a problem with :

    1. The funny thing is, if you record just audio in Google Keep, for example, there’s no background noise (hiss). It’s got to be the way the noise canceling mics are being used in the video recording process.

      I’ve only run into the camera battery issue once or twice, but it is really bad when you do. I’m guessing the camera CPU issue if one of the main issues being addressed, but I’m sure many, MANY others are being addressed in this update, too.

  2. Also I would like to see the issue that prevents the galaxy note 3 from using tap to pay addressed. I heard that would happen in 4.4.3 but I now believe that the battery issues forced them to expedite it’s release. I’m left wondering if certain other things are now pushed back to 4.5 or later. Here’s to hoping I get tap to pay activated with 4.4.3.

  3. Biggest problem of mine is wether to go for the Nexus 5, or the soon to be OnePlus One. Both very tempting… : )

    1. Which has nothing to do with this article. Take an Aderall and refocus on the task at hand.

      1. I’m sooo sorry. Did I hurt your feels? : ) (Not sure what an Aderall is by the way…) : D

        1. You totally did hurt my feels like cray cray and I’m so jelly of your 1337ness; you are amazeballzzzzz!!!!!!1111one

    2. If the price is same then I would go with OnePlus or stay with Nexus 5 until Nexus 6 or whatever it will be called comes out. I bought the Nexus 5 the week it came out and I couldn’t be happier. I was using Galaxy S4 before that which I sold as soon I got my Nexus 5 and never missed the S4.

  4. The rampant Bluetooth issues in KitKat need to be fixed. I think Qualcomm needs to work more closely with Google/Broadcom for their drivers under the BlueDroid stack. You shouldn’t have to disable Wifi to get usable Bluetooth.

    1. “rampant” is a strong word for something only some have been experiencing. I never had a problem with my Bluetooth on Wifi.

      1. You’re one of the lucky ones then. Multiple devices from the Note 3 to the Nexus 5 to the 2013 Nexus 7 all have some sort of Bluetooth issue (they all happen to have Qualcomm SoCs too). It’s an annoyance – usually sound cuts out, it automatically disconnects after roughly 5 minutes, or the Bluetooth service actually crashes. Others can’t even pair devices that previously worked. Sometimes only a full reboot will cure the issues temporarily.

        So, yes, rampant is a strong word, but it’s used properly in this case.

      2. You doesn’t = the rest of the community. Quit thinking only of yourself, yolo

    2. Bluetooth is horrible on my 2nd gen N7 ever sine the update in November. I use it as my audio player in my vehicle and have only used it a couple times since the update. They answer on the Google forums about it that I’ve seen.

  5. I wish they would fix the issue of not being able to add accounts to Gmail without adding them to Android. It is particularly frustrating with Hangouts as you have to select an account every time you want to share anything, even though the other accounts are only being synced with Gmail.

  6. Omg, I just won an iPad. Thanks phandroid for your beautiful spam ! I’m so happy with it.

    I stopped reading when I received this bullshit. Never will read again on Phandroid.

    1. wtf?

      1. Exactly how my reaction was at that moment. This isn’t a pr0n site come on !

    2. Guess whatever crap browser youre using doesnt have a built in pop up blocker like Chrome. We wont miss you.

      1. Doesn’t negate the ad itself, derpy

      2. Agreed. But, to be fair, I’ve seen these ads come up in Chrome once in a while, too.

        I know Chrome has a pop-up blocker, but ads gets by rarely. Not sure how.

      3. It’s not a pop up blocker thats the problem. It’s Phandroid giving access to deceptive marketing thats the problem.

  7. Bluetooth randomly crashing.

  8. Never noticed any drain on the battery, at all.

    1. You’re lucky. The bug drains your battery 50% in under a 30min.

      1. I have it on my Note 3, went from 10 hours screen on time to 5 after KitKat update! Arg!

    2. Cute Lil kid

  9. After the hell I went through for 2 weeks with my note 3 from T-Mobile and what kitkat did, i’ll refuse to even install that POS update on my phone as I had to get a THIRD Note 3 from T-Mobile before my 14 days were up. Jelly Bean 4ever until I get a Note 4

    1. You mistake stock 4.4.2 with Samsung TouchWiz’d, highly modified 4.4.2 and they are not the same.

      1. Wrong

      2. Doesn’t explain why 4.4.2 on my Nexus 7 is such a mess.

  10. I’d like the not being able to connect to any email server fixed within the stock app.

  11. I would like them to make Group emailing integrated. I can add people to groups, but I can’t do anything with that group once created. Most manufacturer versions of android have this ability, but not on the Nexus line. Really annoying when I want to forward an email to my 33 coworkers and I have to enter each person one at a time!

  12. I couldn’t care less about the camera. They NEED to fix bluetooth.

    1. Agreed! These bluetooth issues are the worst!

    2. What’s wrong with Bluetooth? I mean, I use it daily in my car for a stereo hook up, but never see a problem with THAT. (It’s the only thing I regularly use it for, with occasional connectivity to a OBD)

      1. Devices that worked great in Android pre 4.4.2 my Nexus 7 is now totally blind to.

  13. No BT issues. Or cam drain. N5. Get down or lay down.

  14. Nobody seems to be talking about it, but there is a pretty bad camera driver bug since 4.3 that got worse in 4.4.2 that doesn’t just drain the batter but cause a full hang and crash.


    I hope it gets fixed also!

  15. I’d really like to see this issue fixed: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=62805 . But, it looks like it hasn’t even been looked at. I’m still holding out hope it will be in Android 4.4.3 (or 4.5) because I love the stock email client otherwise (except the fact I can’t mass delete).

    I’m also hoping for a radio update in Android 4.4.3 on the Nexus 5. Android 4.4.1/4.4.2 brought an updated radio that reduced the signal for LTE for many (I just flashed the old Android 4.4 radio and all was well again).

  16. https://productforums.google.com/forum/m/#!msg/nexus/lI6A3fA8bvw/hguDdz9qrPYJ

    This one where the Nexus 5 just switches off randomly and can sometimes take some doing to turn on again. Yet still has a charge when rebooted

  17. I haven’t had any of these issues ..only issue I’ve noticed on my nexus 7 is sometimes it won’t take touch input..a reboot fixes this but come on…my nexus battery is killer last two days easy

  18. I wonder if there’s any danger of Google pulling their finger out and actually releasing this patch, before my phone gets so old it disintegrates? ;-)

  19. Updated to 4.4.2 and no signal, or mobila data since! Got H+ but just doesn’t seem to pass any data through, and something is constantly trying to send data so my battery life is about 20% compared to what i had. I WANT ANSWERS!!! YOU BRICKED MY PHONE!

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