Mar 27th, 2014

HTC is bringing even more apps to the Google Play Store. This time, the Taiwanese company saw fit to bring the app that controls the HTC One M8’s DotView case to the store, where they will be able to deliver upgrades that will eventually improve the experience and add new features.

htc dotview case app

The initial release doesn’t do much other than what was delivered with the phone at retail, which gives you a quick, retro-esque look at your time and date, weather, view progress on a timer, get your battery indicator when you are about to run out of juice, and see notifications about missed calls or new messages. You can even answer or decline incoming calls using swipe gestures without having to open the case.

With the app in the Google Play Store, HTC will be able to evolve all of this without users having to wait on lengthy firmware upgrade processes. It’s a trend Motorola made popular with the Moto X and the latest DROID family, and users of those devices have enjoyed the ability to get these new and refined features without having to wait an unbearable wait.

htc one m8 dot view case 14

You’ll already have it on your phone if you’re an HTC One M8 user, natch. As for everyone else? Well, it’s a nice way to see some pictures of what the case will actually do for you if you ever decide to buy one. Find it right here, and don’t forget to take a peek at our hands-on with the case to see how it performs in practice.

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