HTC brings Dot View Case app to the Google Play Store


HTC is bringing even more apps to the Google Play Store. This time, the Taiwanese company saw fit to bring the app that controls the HTC One M8’s DotView case to the store, where they will be able to deliver upgrades that will eventually improve the experience and add new features.

htc dotview case app

The initial release doesn’t do much other than what was delivered with the phone at retail, which gives you a quick, retro-esque look at your time and date, weather, view progress on a timer, get your battery indicator when you are about to run out of juice, and see notifications about missed calls or new messages. You can even answer or decline incoming calls using swipe gestures without having to open the case.

With the app in the Google Play Store, HTC will be able to evolve all of this without users having to wait on lengthy firmware upgrade processes. It’s a trend Motorola made popular with the Moto X and the latest DROID family, and users of those devices have enjoyed the ability to get these new and refined features without having to wait an unbearable wait.

htc one m8 dot view case 14

You’ll already have it on your phone if you’re an HTC One M8 user, natch. As for everyone else? Well, it’s a nice way to see some pictures of what the case will actually do for you if you ever decide to buy one. Find it right here, and don’t forget to take a peek at our hands-on with the case to see how it performs in practice.

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  1. I just went and picked this case up at lunch today. It completely sucks, i’m taking it back when I get off work. It doesn’t fold flush with the back of the phone so it is in your way all the time. Looks really cool but its not functional for daily use IMO.

    1. Yea, I heard that because the back of the phone is curved, so it doesn’t fold to back completely. Should have made the front cover with a softer material or bendable.

      1. Yeah, i think its that plus them just not putting the joint where it folds more on the back. See pics above.

    2. Can you post a video to demonstrate this? Very curious.

      1. Here are some pics I took that demonstrate it pretty well.

    3. where did you find it, because every single store I went to was sold out or didnt have it

      1. Verizon Store on Six Forks Rd in Raleigh NC has plenty

    4. i smell BS. But then again you look like a person thats never happy with anything.

      1. You’re an idiot. You came to that conclusion from a picture of me smiling?

        Edit: Also just squashed your BS theory.

      2. What a douche

      3. Wow!! what a d!ck you are

      4. I smell a douche.

    5. Just wanted to say thanks for posting your comment & pictures. I thought it seemed way overpriced and wondered if it folded around to the back.

  2. In which time zone is 20:08 in the AM?

    1. I was about to post the same thing.

    2. The Twilight Zone ! lol

      1. You win the internet for the day. Nice!

    3. That would be The Twilight Zone LOL

  3. cool case but I cant stand how much flip covers are usually “in the way” all the time… I’ll stick to a traditional case

    1. Very true regarding “in the way”. I’ve wasted money on flip cases on the NOTE 3 & G2,& decided to pass on one for the FLEX.
      The hinge design (for all flip cases) is something that needs to be looked at & improved upon for a better fit/feel-in-hand when in the open/folded-back position.

      1. Kinda off topic…so I shouldn’t waste $50 on Note 3 Zenus leather flip case? I draw from time to time so if it’s uncomfortable to hold, its a no go for me.

  4. So a case (regular old flip case) with a bunch of holes is suddenly worth 50? Cool idea I guess but 50? Not a chance in hell. And it uses you display to power the dots. There goes you battery life.

    1. either way your phone’s screen was turning on when you received a call… i don’t think this will have much of an effect on battery life at all.

      1. But it is still, in theory, protected.

    2. Have you seen the price for the bumper flip case for the Nexus 7 2013? You are yelling at the wrong OEM right now.

  5. Very nice phone, yet, HTC decided to pour resources into developing (& releasing) a case that has a questionable fit & debatable looks, yet, made no effort to remove one of the three chins on the phone itself.

  6. Oh I thought these were electronic devices that went on the back of the phone

    Instead it’s some plasticky mesh bull that goes on the FRONT of the phone and is powered by the screen?

    That’s just asinine.

    1. what’s asinine about it? Power has to come from somewhere. Either way you’d be using your screen to answer the phone. This just lets you now have to open the flip cover.

  7. I just want the case, the case and the app for my Nexus 5 please.

  8. I guess it’s NOT compatible with the 1st Gen HTC One..

    1. Why in the world would it be? They are different sized phones

      1. Lol, good one.

  9. it would be more clever i think if it doubles a a whole case and powered on while it was off

  10. Hmm wonder if it’ll be compatible with GPe

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