Mar 27th, 2014


Today’s big news was that Microsoft Office was now available for iPad for those with an Office 365 subscription, but a bit of Android-related goodies were tucked inside the blog posts that you might care about. Starting today, Office for Android (and iPhone, if you care) is being made completely free.

That means you can both view and edit documents from your Android phone, and you won’t have to pay Microsoft $10 per month for that privilege. It’s a key change in the company’s strategy under new CEO Satya Nadella, one that sees Microsoft focusing more on becoming a services and software company aimed at ALL users rather than trying to sell Windows and Windows alone.

The change hasn’t hit the Google Play Store just yet, though we imagine that should happen at some point later today. We’ll be keeping an eye out for its arrival, and we’ll update this post once that happens. It’s in the Google Play Store right here if you want to get it onto your phone before the update hits.

[via iSource]

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