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So HTC has finally taken the wraps off of the all new HTC One, and the moment of truth is here — will you be buying one? Many are already pondering that very question over at AndroidForums.com, and we certainly wouldn’t mind hearing from the Phandroid faithful.

The all new HTC One is an all-metal device with a 5-inch 1080p HD display, Snapdragon 801 processor, HTC Duo UltraPixel camera, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and more. You can find more of the juicy details over at the announcement post, so be sure to check that out if you aren’t up to speed on what it’s bringing to the table.

Drop a vote in the poll. Whether you’re already scrounging up your pennies or passing on the HTC One for something else, we want to know why! Be sure to head to the comments and let us know why you chose whichever path you chose.

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Quentyn Kennemer
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HTC officially unveils the all new HTC One M8

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  1. I am. I just don’t get why its going to be available for all the major carriers at 1 expect for T-Mobile makes the wait even longer, as if waiting for the event wasn’t long enough.

  2. I’ll be ordering at 10am, and then stalking the FedEx/UPS/USPS guy until it gets here.

  3. Holding out for the One+ or the Nexus 6.

    1. Be strong.

    2. I’m holding out for the Nexus 7.

  4. No…I done like having 1 inch worth of bezel at the bottom of the phone PLUS on screen buttons.

    Great job at failing HTC.

    1. I agree with you. If they could have had capacitive buttons, I’d be more content. But it’s not a deal breaker for me, luckily.

      Now if they would have removed the Front-Facing speakers, I would have cried. LoL!!

  5. Having the Nexus 5, I’m torn between the HTC One 2014 and the Galaxy S5. They both aren’t significant upgrades from last generations or even my Nexus 5.

    1. Stick with the N5 then :) There really isn’t anything that is driving me to leave mine yet, it’s been a solid purchase.

      1. I just like having the latest and greatest, you know? As much as I love my Nexus 5, I’m getting bored with it.

        1. But remember when Android 4.5 comes out the Nexus will probably be the only one that gets it initially :) I understand wanting to play with the new stuff though, it’s just hard to justify buying a new phone for a couple nice things especially when the Nexus is the one that will be supported for the longest (most likely).

        2. I’m with you. There’s nothing wrong with my phone, but I do have Jump for a reason.

      2. Unless you root, plain vanilla experience is boring. It’s just too plain

    2. Please do yourself a favor and do not get the Galaxy S5.. Unless you like your device bogged down with useless features.

      1. You don’t think the HTC One is bogged down?

        1. Compared to Touchwiz? No.

        2. The features in my HTC One didn’t slow down my phone.

          There’s nothing wrong with having gimmicks, but make sure they don’t ruin your overall experience.

    3. See what one plus one releases. From what they have been advertising, you may get the latest and greatest at almost Nexus pricing.

      1. We’ll see ..

      2. Downside is that it runs CyanogenMod.

        1. I would call that an upside. I would say cyanogenmod is far superior to any android skin manufacturer and since it is cyanogenmod, you will be getting relatively quick updates for years to come.

          1. I’ll take Sense thank you.
            But main problem is that I’m not getting something is of a chinese brand. Before anyone even starts to saying China and Taiwan are the same, NO, they are not. China is China, Taiwan is Taiwan.

            Do not link China and Taiwan together. Thanks.

          2. To each his own on the skin I guess. I just prefer the stock android look. As far as preference of where a phone is built, I don’t care as long as it holds up. Even the iphone is made in China and I don’t really hear a whole lot of people complaining about the build quality of it. I think it really depends on the company.

          3. A lot of internationally well known products are made in china simply because of lower labor costs. But quality control still maintains at a certain level.

            Chinese brands, however, are a different story. I dont trust chinese brands and products. But then again I’m Taiwanese and given our history with China, I certainly look biased in the view of others. Dont know about the rest of the world on chinese brands and products.

    4. Wait for the G3!

    5. At this point it’s wait for the first phone with 64bit OS and the speed improvements that iphone 5s gained.

      1. The 5S has speed improvements? That’s news to me. We’ll be getting 64 bit probably next year when it actually starts making a difference

      2. The 5S only gained speed improvements from its processor. 64 bit means nothing on a mobile device as of now.

  6. i am, i want the gun metal version

  7. I wonder if you could use that inch of useless black bezel area as a kind of whiteboard to take notes with a dry erase markers? Then they could call it the New 2014 4Mp HTC One Note (M8).

  8. That bottom bezel just killed it.

    1. Agreed.

      Hopes and dreams now rest with……….the z2.

    2. Really disappointing. It’s needlessly larger than the 2013 version.

  9. Sitting in the parking lot now.

  10. Oppo Find 7, One Plus One, LG G3 or maybe Sony Z2.

  11. Yessir I am. Saying my farewells to my Sensation now, just waiting for the Tmobile version to pop up.

    1. Not going to pop up until 4/10.

      1. 4/10 ain’t bad. Just over two weeks.

  12. Nope. Still content with my Nexus 5.

    1. Yeah, it’s sad. I was thinking this would be the phone to take me away from the Nexus line. All I needed was a much better camera and a much better battery. The build quality on the M8 seems to be amazing, but a number of reviewers claimed that it was very slippery and easy to drop. because of the grippiness of the N5, my phone still looks brand new.
      No thanks HTC, not even for the Google Play Edition.

  13. The reviews are in: Camera still sucks. No thank you.

    1. Where are you reading reviews on the camera? I’d love to see how it’s bad.

      If it’s mainly because of cropping then that doesn’t bother me. I always lowered my MP to about 2MP on all my other phones anyways. I don’t crop often enough to need a lot of MP.

        1. 8 out of 10 is “sucks”?

          1. Well I see you didn’t go through all the test. Here’s a link to the _Final_ Score:

            It scored the lowest.

          2. That’s pretty disappointing after all the hype on the duo camera.

            Still, the shots look good enough for me, and the rest of the phone is amazing. Here’s hoping software updates can tweak the camera at least a bit though.

          3. That’s what I’m saying too. I mean there are modification tweaks you can do. What if HTC left a lot of things bland and those who understand that camera-talk can modify the settings well enough for it to have excellent quality images?

          4. To where these scores come from, I hope not a biased site because no DAM way the s4 is number 1 that’s y I won’t rely on those dam results

          5. The Verge scored the M8 camera a 6 out of 10. The S4 was rated 9 out of 10. Pretty much every other site (CNET, Engadget, etc) has rated the M8 camera inferior to current flagships.

          6. First of all the verge is a POS website IMO , and I think it’s funny for the M8 to get such low ratings this fast and to be so low given the fact that the original one ran solid competition with the likes of the s4 that’s sits at #1 spot which is bs

          7. Umm, the original One’s camera is crappy too. Have you not seen the many reviews on it? Have you not heard people hoping they would ditch the UP for this one?
            Multiple websites say the overall camera sucks or it’s not up to par with other flagships.
            Stick a fork in the UP gimmick, its way overdone.

          8. And Imma tell you from first hand experience, I own the original one and I dont take those landscape far off pictures. The one has been one of the best cameras I ever had , even compared to multiple friends s4, when taking group pics, my one dominated…. Also I have seen many sites show mad luv to HTC one camera

          9. You are delusional.

          10. Your a sheep

          11. The S4 camera takes great pictures. There is no disputing that

          12. Haha worse than my N5, you really have to try in order to be worse than that.

          13. How about the s5?

          14. The S5 is at least better than the S4.

        2. I’ve read through the articles. They do seem to be the same as my phone. The over-exposure is what they’re calling it.

          Hmm… That’s not too much of a deal breaker for me, luckily. It’s not as bad as I thougth it would be, though I woudl love better. I hope some software update makes it better. That 1st shot in the 1st link where it showed the bridge. My gosh!! LoL!!

    2. Friend of mine has the older version…nice pictures. This will be so much better than my BB.

  14. All you girls crying about bezel stfu. This phone has the best build quality and design on the market. Have fun with your choice of plastic crap anal dwelling butt monkeys

    1. Beautiful device except for it’s big chin. Lets see just how strong of metal it is and how easy you’ll be able to repair it once a corner is bent from a drop. I’ve tried to fix too many ipod touches to not realize how lame metal can be. HTC One’s displays are not easily repairable, at least not by me. But hey if you have insurance then it’s fantastic and you have a great device.

      1. HTC also provides free screen replacement for one year — no insurance needed to qualify.

    2. “anal dwelling butt monkeys”


      1. Who doesn’t like Bruce
        Almighty lol

    3. Youre an emotional hipster who gets angry because his favorite phone is being scrutinized. Clown.

      1. Hipster? How does liking a phone make me a hipster. Do you even know what a hipster is please elaborate
        What makes me one? And please tell me which phone out right now is better?ill wait…douche I’m tired of you people bashing a phone because of nothing I mean really your complaining about bezel while people are dying of starvation homeless

        1. And you are bashing plastic…what makes you any better?

    4. When people are insulted, they looked at the source. The flat brimmed hat makes you lose all credibility. People can disagree with you without being “anal dwelling butt monkeys” (with no punctuation). It’s a matter of preference. Don’t be a moron.

    5. That much bezel, a dock bar that sits nearly a third of the way up on the device, nor a gimmicky second lens equals good design. We won’t even talk about it being so big, with only 4.7″ of usable screen space. Not good design at all.

  15. Just did! Now just have to wait for shipping! Why no next day shipping, Sprint?

  16. Absolutely buying it!

  17. 800 off contract? Hell no.

  18. I’m REALLY considering it, but it should be said that I’m also waiting to see what LG announces with the G3, as well as availability of the Sony Xperia Z2. HTC One M8 is definitely a contender though.

    1. I’m in the same mind set as you Chris. I love, love, love the new M8, especially in gunmetal, however with the G3 coming out around June, I might just wait and see what it has to offer since I loved my G2 so much. However, the build quality on the new One is top notch, and every bit as good as Apple if not better. I hope I can hold out.

      If HTC would have made this waterproof and dust resistant like the S5 and Z2, and put a 12 to 16mp camera with OIS in there, this would have been the best phone ever made, with that said, it’s darn close.

    2. Do you think the Z2 may come to ATT

  19. As much as I love the metal wrap the battery life and camera of the LG G2 have spoiled me. Now the Sony Xperia Z2 maybe.

  20. Waiting for the m9…

  21. Nope.

    The Note 3 has me until the Note 4, or whoever’s the next king of phablets. Yeah, I said it.

    1. *high five*

      (or *brofist*, if you prefer)

  22. Oh no, my nightmare came true! That huge bezel is real! D:

  23. X2 or 1+1 for me. I’m hopeful for the G3 but I have a feeling that might disappoint as well.

  24. Just can’t justify going back to a phone without a swappable battery. That feature has saved me too many times on my S4.

    1. Yeah this phone is beautiful but I’ll never go back to cords. Still, awesome job and nice device HTC!

  25. 4MP camera, huge bezels, they also removed optimal image stabilization.

    So no, i’m not buying one.

  26. If I weren’t a Nexus guy, I would definitely get this phone. It looks incredible.

    1. GPE?

  27. To hell with HTC crap or Samsung… Get a real phone such as a rugged Casio.

  28. good to know its got microSD slot. only thing left on my ‘wish list’… removable battery cover. but i guess that’s not possible with unibody.

    i guess the other thing on my wish list… non-metal case. they are so prone to scratches… :S

    still, nice to see things are improving at HTC… though at a very slow pace, imho.

  29. What the hell is other?

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