Verizon HTC One (2014) unboxed, camera samples provided too [GALLERY]


Verizon Wireless HTC One 2014 camera 1

When it rains, it pours. And after seeing the all new HTC One (2014) given the hands-on treatment in a 14-minute long video earlier today (the video has since been taken down), some new folks inside Russia are now getting their hands on the phone.

Online retailer PDA Plaza somehow managed to get their hands on the Verizon Wireless model of the HTC One (2014), and after unboxing the device on their Facebook page, were kind enough to upload some camera samples for us. Some things to keep in mind: it’s not clear which mode they were shooting in, and just like we saw with last year’s model, camera quality can easily change in later software updates. That being said, it appears that the photos were taken with the phone’s 4MP UltraPixel camera, not the rumored high resolution shooter. Check ’em out for yourself below.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I just imagine how much sexier this phone would be without the htc logo on the front and the screen going straight into the bottom speaker. Maybe next year.

    1. I do agree. But oh well.

    2. HTC wanted to make sure buyers know exactly which company to “thank” for the odd design choice.

      1. It’s not odd, it’s needed, where else would the digitizer and lcd connections go?

        I, too, would rather have it without the logo but that’s just a limitation of the technology at this current time.

    3. They really gotta move away from that part of the design.

  2. Yeah I will hold judgement on this.

  3. And just like always, those images look no different to me than a phone from 2 years ago. LoL!!

    As long as I can get some good low-light pictures, I’ll be just fine.

    1. While they are enlarging or adding more pixels the overall image sensor inside these phones is relatively the same size. Take the 16mp camera on the Galaxy s5 for instance , even though it has the same mp as a entry level DSLR, the pictures are nowhere near the same level of quality.

  4. ugh. there should be NO noise in the sky on these pics..that just shows that even on auto iso, where it should be defaulting outdoors to like, 100, that there’s still image noise coming through that just shouldn’t be there. i’m not even complaining about the mp size, but the quality here just isn’t good…and i thought my G2 camera sucked outdoors (compared to a GS4, anyway.) oh well.

    1. “image noise” ? I saw clear blue skies.

    2. Im not seeing what you’re describing pictures looked clear to me.

      1. you guys aren’t doing full crop. you have to copy the image URL to see the entire picture, then you’ll see how the compression is taking a toll on the blue sky portion. there’s def noise there.

  5. Oh crap, those pictures are absolutely awful. Who knows what kind of processing/compression was done, and I doubt they tweaked the settings before taking any pictures, but yikes! My 1st gen HTC One might have to last until something better comes along.

  6. Not sure if we are looking at the same pictures here. I thought they looked quite good. Atleast as good as my note 3 if not better.

  7. This is the equivalent of a geek interwebz orgy I swear when these new smartphones get launched. It gets as bad as console wars of Apple vs Android.

  8. A couple of things. The uploaded images are more than likely not the same that would come from the phone. (72 dpi online) The person taking the pics seems to be not that interested in focus (plant pic). Wait until you get your hands on it and then cry about quality if it’s not as good as you hoped. :) Stop relying on your phone as your main camera.

    1. Why in the world would you want to carry around a phone and a camera when you could just carry around a phone? Asking for professional photos from a phone is stupid, sure, but asking for photos that don’t suck is perfectly reasonable with current technology.

      1. Why wouldn’t I? besides, as I said, people should wait until they have the phone and have seen the photos from it before determining that they ‘suck’. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course.

        1. I mean I can think of a lot of reasons, but to each their own. I’ll definitely agree with you on not jumping to conclusions though

          1. The reason it’s better to carry both is because people think they can get professional quality photography done with phones and you just can’t. The lens hardware is just not up to par with professional DLSR cameras… but still people complain about their phone cameras..

          2. People complain because phone manufacturers half-a$$ their cameras. My point and shoot from 2002 shouldn’t take better photos than any 2014 camera phone. The iphone and instagram proved the phone should be the average consumers day to day camera. Besides the iphone and nokia, no android manuf. has stepped up to put a lot of thought into their cameras.

  9. New hTC ONE or Sony Z2

  10. Stay with Galaxy Note 3 better off.

  11. Curious to know if this was the phone that sold on eBay?

  12. HTC is releasing their camera sdk so, let’s see what pops off.

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