LG gives us a closer look at the G Watch powered by Android Wear


LG G Watch 20140320_body ambient

If the quick peek in Google’s official Android Wear video wasn’t enough for you, it’s now possible to get a closer look at LG’s upcoming smartwatch — The LG G Watch — in the latest adverts for the wearable.

LG G Watch powered by Android Wear

LG G Watch_0319_02

Posted to both LG Mobile’s official Facebook and Google+ pages early this morning, the image shows the watch as it’s secured onto a wrist, carrying a much more squarish design than Motorola’s take. Unfortunately, bezel-hounds will also notice the wasted space around the display, leaving us to wonder how the heck Motorola managed to pull of a nearly bezel-less design.

In any case, what say ye? Just as sexy or sexier than the Motorola Moto 360?

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I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. If it comes in a box of cracker jacks I’ll take it. Otherwise, Na. The large bezel makes it look too large and not very attractive.

  2. Not looking bad. It’s just that the Moto360 looks better.

  3. I like it but Moto is fancier and fashionable if that’s your thing. I like LG for now. Have to wait I see it in person

  4. It certainly looks better than the Pebble, of that there’s no question. But, to my eye, it doesn’t hold a candle to the Moto360.

    1. It’s not even fair to compare any smart watch to the moto 360, it’s on another level

    2. Moto 360 looks better. This one looks more functional just based on screen size/shape.

      Time will tell.

  5. LG will have to get it’s update game on if it wants any of it’s existing users to buy/use these….Posted with a LGOG stuck on 4.1.2.

  6. They’re dangling the price in front of us like it’s a piece of cheese.

  7. Moto 360 or GTFH

  8. I think it’s going to boil down to price and device features. Right now, the Moto 360 is killing this device cosmetically.

    1. true, but to your point, if this LG watch is somehow $150-$199 and the 360 is $299-$349, it makes it a tougher sell.

      1. Frankly speaking, you guys underestimate Motorola’s pricing plans. All they’ve talked about is how it’s all built of all “first class”. Even leather! [Sarcasm]. I think Moto 360 will be somewhat in between $400 and $500.
        Just remember how ridiculously priced were Moto X, and wood back at the first iteration. At the very least it’ll be $360 ;)

        1. I doubt it will be that high. There is some competition in this market with LG and others, so I think that Moto may try for that price point, but within a month have to rethink their strategy. Probably $300 for Leather, and $350 for metal bands.

      2. Very true but I think I would still pay the 100 dollars extra for a better looking watch, I have 8 dumb watches that I payed 3-6 times that for. There’s a lot of people who just wear watches as a fashion accessory/jewelry. Its why they don’t buy a 20$ Casio watch but instead buy Or is, Baume & Mercier, Tag, Omega etc….Just like those dumb watches these smart watches all basically have the same functionality which is display notifications. The only differentiating factor between them is their aesthetics. With that said, I’m a fan of square watches, if done right they can look even better than the moto 360, the only reason the lg watch isn’t eye candy is due to the shiny plastic build and the large bezels around the face.

        Lol the bulova marine star is the cheapest of the bunch but probably the best looking imo.

    2. Are any of these companies talking about partnering with Corning for their watches?

  9. I actually like this more than the Moto watch because of its square face. I think text and pics will be easier to read and see on this. Now if Motorola brings a square face to the table, all bets are off lol.

  10. I’d like to know how the watch opened the garage door.

  11. Cute but the moto 360 is fancy, elegant, classy, sporty, secretly geeky all in one!! And I think the moto 360 is worth a couple of hundreds. That’s going to knock out a Michael kors or g stock watch out for me (not really) . . . AND IT’S TOUCH SCREEN!!!!

    1. I Fancy me a moto 360

  12. Not bad at all. Initially seeing the moto360 I was totally blown away by it but I realized, it’s just another circular watch. I like sony and lg and sammys direction better. I don’t want my images to be limited to the circular shape.

    1. All the images point to the moto 360 using an OLED screen that is circular. Resolution hasn’t been confirmed yet

  13. Looks like I am starting a smart watch collection. Pebble Steel is still the best looking IMO but i still want this.

  14. what can it bear the gear 2 ??? thats the real question for me

  15. Lol notice how they posted pics from a frontal view, how thick is this thing? The right angle can make anything look good, I’m gonna wait for the hands on videos.

  16. meh…i cant meh enough looking at this…only smart watch id rock would be the 360…i enjoy watches i want some class and to be discreet about my smartwatch these are just ridiculous n childish in my opinion

  17. The 1st one that makes an Android Wear watch that looks like this I will buy. Both the LG G Watch and Moto 360 are a no go for me.

  18. Trademark lawsuit? I can’t see Casio letting this slide (G shock is one of their premier watch brands)

    1. Are you being serious? LG G Watch = Casio G-Shock?

      1. Quite likely so. A similarly that can cause confusion particularly when in a related product line can be infringement.

        Palm was originally Palm Pilot, but lost a case to Pilot pens . Sky Drive recently lost its name.

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